Oh dear. Family Feud is in trouble over this "misogynistic" question.

family feud misogynist
Grant Denyer, the host of Family Feud. (Photo: Channel 10)

Popular game show Family Feud is under fire after asking a question that’s been branded as “misogynistic” on social media.

During last night’s Channel Ten show, host Grant Denyer asked contestants to name jobs people think are “a woman’s job”. Correct answers included — wait for it — cooking, doing the dishes, washing clothes, cleaning, nursing, domestic duties and hairdressing.

Contestants were also asked to name jobs considered “a man’s job”. The responses to that one?

Builder, mechanic, carpenter, plumber, and being a tradesman.

Cue: facepalm.

The show pits two families against each other  to other name the top eight most popular responses to survey questions posed to 100 Australians, as Fairfax Media report.


RMIT University’s deputy dean of media and communication Lisa French said the program showed sexism was “alive and well” in Australia.

“When the answer that the most popular women’s jobs are ‘washing, cooking and cleaning’ arises, it makes it clear that sexism is alive and well, and it highlights that women are still being demeaned,” she told Fairfax Media.

The “women’s job” answers. (Screenshot via Channel 10)

I am appalled that this show continues the stereotyping of women,” Susan Lane wrote on the show’s Facebook page. “We have come a long way since the days when our ‘place’ was only in the kitchen or as an adornment on our man’s arms, or if we did work, it was only in the so-called caring professions, or as a man’s assistant. You owe me and women like me a sincere apology.

Mark Allan posted: “Name a show on Channel Ten that uses questions to promote inequality between the sexes?”

“Not sure what year it was, when I turned on Family Feud I could have sworn it was 1950,” Emma Jo-Anne wrote on Channel Ten’s Facebook page. “There is no such thing as a ‘man’s job’ or a ‘woman’s job’.”

Twitter user @beatbasic wrote of the question: “man’s job and women’s job categories? Really? Way to promote equality”, while Steve Williams tweeted: “Interesting grab for publicity @FamilyFeudAU …”Name a woman’s job?” It’s 2014.”

Twitter user @itsMaddyM added: “man’s job” “woman’s job”. wow this ep of family feud is pretty bloody sexist

Some of the answers for the “man’s job” question. (Screenshot via Channel 10)

What do you think of the question?

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