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1. Family court has given a 15-year-old permission to have both breasts removed so the teen can feel more like a boy.

Family Court says yes to mastectomy for 15-year-old.

The Family Court has granted a 15-year-old permission to undergo surgery to have both breasts removed, before the teenager even starts hormone treatment.

The Australian reports that the teen was born female but has dressed as a boy since the age of four.

The 15-year-old has not been taking hormones to suppress puberty, unlike many other children diagnosed with gender dysphoria, the court heard and has therefore developed large breasts.

The court heard from a psychologist who said that the breasts need to be removed because once the teenager starts taking testosterone they “will develop a hairy chest and face (to go with) an E-cup”.

“I am highly doubtful [society] would accept an individual with a beard, hairy chest and an E-cup bust” the psychologist said.

Last year senior Family Court judge Steven Strickland, told an international conference on family law that “surgery is not considered in patients less than 18 years of age”.

But the court went against this after hearing the teenager, named Quinn “understands surgery will be painful and that it will have consequences, such as his ability to breastfeed if he could change his mind in the future”.

In other cases children diagnosed with gender dysphoria start hormonal treatment to suppress puberty from age 14, then their parents seek the court’s permission for stage two treatment, where a child is given hormones of the opposite gender, from about the age of 16 reports The Australian.


The process is to allow a child to live as their preferred gender for a period of time, in case they want to change their mind before they go a step further and have surgery.

2. Fears tonight’s Census will overload the Internet.

There are concerns that as more than 15 million people flood the Census site tonight to complete their forms the Internet may not be able to cope.

In 2012 an online sale “Click Frenzy” saw servers go into meltdown as they were overloaded.

But Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Census boss Chris Libreri told News Limited they are confident the system will withstand tonight.

“We have load tested it at 150 per cent of the number of people we think are going to be on it on Tuesday for eight hours straight and it didn’t look like flinching,” he said.

“We wouldn’t do it unless we were able to safely do it, we have evolved it and we are confident.”

People have until September 23 to complete their forms online or in paper form, before fines are issued.

3. Rape victim questioned in court over why she wore ‘sexy lingerie’.

A jury has been shown a picture of a red and black lace G-string and bra that a woman who claims she was raped wore – with questions as to why she dressed the way she did.

The Brisbane university student claims she was repeatedly raped outside a Brisbane cathedral by a man she met online, Brisbane man Mitchell Cameron Peggie. Peggie is standing trial in the District Court on three charges of rape and three of sexual assault.


Peggie’s defence barrister, Douglas Wilson, said that text messages the woman exchanged with the man “some implied acceptance that you intended to have some sexual activity” with Peggie that night.

The woman said Peggie pushed her up against a stone monument and raped her, holding her against her will. She said that at one point, he held her head with his hand reports The Courier Mail.

The woman was also asked why she did not cry out for help.

She told the court that wearing the lingerie did not mean she wanted to be raped. “It was just underwear I had in my drawer that matched. Just because I wore it doesn’t mean I wanted anyone else to see it.”

The woman said she “was terrified if I tried to fight back he would have hurt me”, so she agreed to masturbate him in an attempt to placate him.

“He is 6’4’’; I'm 5’4’’. I was scared.”

 For help 24/7, call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). 

4. Second boxer accused of sexual assault.

A second boxer has been arrested in the Olympic Village on suspicion of sexual assault.

Last week Moroccan boxer Hassan Saada was arrested after he allegedly sexually assaulted two maids in the village.

He has been disqualified from competition and is being held in custody.

Yesterday Namibian boxer Jonas Junias, 22, who was the flag bearer for Nambidia, allegedly grabbed and kissed a maid and offered her money for sex.


He is being held in custody and is not likely to compete.

5. Australian track cyclist Melissa Hoskins taken to hospital after crash in Rio.

Australian track cyclist Melissa Hoskins has been taken to hospital in an ambulance after the women's team pursuit squad crashed at training in Rio.

The accident comes three days before her event.

Meanwhile Australia’s women’s rugby team has booked a place against New Zealand in this morning's grand final (8am EST) after a 17-5 win over Canada

In the pool, the men’s 4 x 400m relay won the bronze overnight, with the Americans taking the gold medal, but the finals session started with disappointment for Emma McKeon who finished seventh in the final of the women's 100m butterfly.

Meanwhile American superstar swimmer Michael Phelps has won more gold medals than the all-time gold total of Argentina and Austria, who both sit on 18 each. Phelps has now won 129 gold medals, his latest gold medal in the men's 4x100m freestyle relay this morning bringing his tally past many countries total ever haul.

Medal Tally Rio:

1.     USA:    5  GOLD  3  SILVER  4 BRONZE

2.     ITALY:    3 GOLD  4 SILVER 2  BRONZE

3.     CHINA:   3  GOLD 2  SILVER  3 BRONZE

4.     AUS:   3  GOLD  0 SILVER  3 BRONZE

5.     KOREA:   2  GOLD 2  SILVER  1 BRONZE

6. Lindt cafe gunman Man Haron Monis convinced his partner to murder his ex-wife.

Sydney woman Amirah Droudis, the partner of Man Haron Monis will stand trial in the NSW Supreme Court next week accused of the "brutal and ritualistic" murder of the 30-year-old ex-wife of Monis.


A court heard yesterday that Ms Droudis, stabbed the woman to death inside a Werrington unit block, in the city's western suburbs, before dousing her body in petrol and setting it on fire.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC said that Monis joined two chapters of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang and asked the bikies to kill his wife, but that they turned him down.

Fairfax Media reports that prosecutors allege that Monis masterminded the murder saying that Ms Droudis was "besotted" with Monis.

"She had totally subjugated her will to his. She adopted virtually all of his beliefs and his extremist political views.”

7. Brisbane funeral interrupted by Pokemon Go players.

The ABC reports that a pair of teenagers who disrupted a funeral in Brisbane last week were playing Pokemon Go.

The two walked into the memorial service for 87-year-old Neil Murphy at St Joseph's Catholic Church in Corinda on Friday mobile phones held firm hoping to catch a Pokemon.

They stopped in front of the mourners before being told to leave by the organist.

It’s the latest unfortunate incident related to the game which has been downloaded more than 100 million times around the world.

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