The names of women who are definitely (probably) going to fall pregnant in 2016.

Is your name Sarah or Jessica? Then you’d better sit down, because we have some news…

Research by has revealed the names of women most likely to fall pregnant in 2016.

The common link here is that they are all relatively common names – but if you were born in Australia in 1986, you’re also far more likely to have a baby in the new year.

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But while it sounds fairly airy-fairy, there is logic behind the research - they calculated the median age for first time mothers in the UK (between 28-29) and then tracked down the most popular girls names from 1986-1987. Basically, the more common the name, the more likely they’ll be getting a bun in the oven soon.

Then, The Vine applied the same logic and used findings from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to tailor the results for we women Down Under.

And, voilà - here are the women who will be pregnant soon.

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