"My boyfriend keeps teasing me with fake proposals. Should I leave him?"

What would you do if your partner got down on one knee, asked you to marry him – and then laughed it off as a joke?

Slap him? Dump him? Burn his belongings?

An unlucky-in-love woman has taken to Reddit to ask for advice about her boyfriend, who keeps “fake proposing” to her.


fake proposals
He sounds like a jerk... Image via iStock.

Poor jerchenv, 27, is becoming increasingly frustrated that her 29-year-old partner of five years keeps playing the same "hilarious" prank.

She said that while the pair agree they do want to get married in future, her partner will constantly "just randomly get down on one knee, when we are in the park or something and ask me if I would like to marry him" before getting up and laughing.

She wrote:

I asked him to stop doing his fake proposals if he was not ready to make a real one, but he told me that it's not a good thing that I cannot take a joke, and that he feels like I am pressuring him to actually propose to me. I'm at loss and don't know what to do.

The young woman was inundated with relationship advice from other Reddit users.


H013 wrote "Next time he does one say no because you don't think he's mature enough to be husband material yet" while _ataraxia said "It's not a harmless bad joke. It's cruel".

fake proposals
Fake proposals? Not cool. Image via iStock.

WaldenStrom added "His marriage proposals are about as funny if you walked out of the bathroom with a huge smile/worried frown and a positive pregnancy test, and just as he starts freaking out, you start laughing and say "someday soon, I will be pregnant." And then you repeated the pregnancy test joke multiple times" and FaerieStorm shared her own experience:

My ex used to do something similar. He'd propose and than the next day say he didn't mean it. So the last time he did it, I took it really seriously. Put it on Facebook, told my family and his brother, all our friends, made him tell his own friends, got a DJ to announce it in a pub we were in, and started planning the wedding. Pricing venues, making the guest list, planning shopping trips to try on dresses... all the while he was telling me he didn't really mean it and to please stop. I stopped eventually, but only after I made it clear that I was "so hurt" he'd call off the wedding.

Look, we don't want to say they should break up - but he sure doesn't sound like a catch to us...

Would you stay with someone who thought it was funny to make fake proposals? 

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