This parody car commercial is calling BS on sexism in advertising.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged (by advertising bros everywhere) that women only drive sassy hatchbacks and people-movers.

They either zoom through cities with David Guetta pumping from their sound systems, or navigate leafy suburban streets eternally rolling their eyes at the grubby brood of sandy-haired youngsters they’ve just picked up from soccer practice.

They don’t drive a stick and they certainly don’t drive trucks. Until now.

New Zealand comedy group Funny Girls has gender-flipped an ad for the Holden Colorado.

They’ve replaced the typical bloke you’d expect to find behind the wheel with a no-BS female farmer — much to the surprise of the voiceover, whose bafflement at seeing a woman driving a truck is only matched by his condescension in telling her she’s riding the clutch.

Honestly, this fake ad is the realest thing we’ve seen all week.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve just developed an inexplicable desire to test drive a Holden.

Feature image: Facebook

H/T Junkee

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