Inside the secret world of fake celebrity couples. There's more out there than you think.

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Do you believe in love? Do you believe in Hiddleswift? Did you believe that Kim Kardashian truly loved her second husband Kris Humphires?

There’s something you need to know. A word you should hear.

It’s “Promance”. A PR romance. The kind of celebrity pairing that’s not about love at all, it’s about profile. Where managers and marketing agents sit around board room tables and ship celebrities with each other to boost earnings, profiles, and roll in sweet cash money. Because to paraphrase the very wise Spice Girls, it’s about two becoming a very powerful one.

Listen to Monz explain what a promance is on Mamamia Out Loud:

There’s been much speculation that the relationship between the very famous-pop-star-who-likes-to-bury-bad-news Taylor Swift and the very-nice-actor-who-needs-a-profile-boost-in-the-form-of-a-James-Bond-film Tom Hiddleston is, in fact, a promance. Conspiracy theorists say all the signs are there. Every relationship milestone has been accessible from the paps. Kissing on the beach. Meeting the parents on the beach. The instagram smooching on the porch. Him wearing a ‘I heart T. Swift’ t-shirt. ..

Not posed at all totally candid didn't even know the camera was there. Photo: Instagram

It's a terrible thing to speculate but in a world where every celebrity move is strategised and deliberately crafted, who can tell?

It's not the only time Taylor has pulled a Swifty in front of the world, with many accusing her relationship with One Direction heart throb Harry Styles to be Promantically inclined also. The relationship boosted both public profiles, and Taylor even got a few songs out of it. #Style #IKnewYouWereTrouble.

harry style staylor swift in central park image via getty

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles in December 2012. Image via Getty. 

There's a long history of promances in Hollywood, including a history of hetero promances designed to mask the sexuality of stars. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy were one of 1930's Hollywood's most prominent power couples, allegedly paired together by the movie studio they worked with.   There's been many claims the screen goddess had numerous lesbian relationships, and allegations that Tracy was gay. These days, since attitudes around gay and lesbians stars have shifted, this kind of PR arrangement to mask sexuality isn't as evident.  Or is it?

Here's some others that seem a little Promantic:

Jennifer Aniston And Vince Vaughn.

These two co-stars found themselves conveniently in each others arms around the same time they were promoting the film The Break-Up. They stayed together for a year, or just enough time for the movie promotional tour to finish.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian


72 days. And a televised wedding. Need we say more?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Image via Twilight.

No, really?! Not these two. Surely not. But.... if ever there was a relationship for publicity, this was it. K Stew and R Patz were a couple in Twilight - which meant they just had to be a couple in real life, right? This relationship has been rumoured to have been a promance that morphed into a real life romance.  They appeared publicly at just the right time, dated for just long enough for everyone to believe that it was real, but as soon as the triology was over and K Stew made a new movie, it was goodnight, vampire love.

On the latest episode of Mamamia OutLoud Mia, Monz and Kate talk gaslighting, Jen Aniston's essay and more. Listen here: