When Panorama photos go horribly, horribly wrong.

When phones introduced the Panorama shot back in the day, it became a tool for everyone to take photos of everything that looked boring in the past and turn them into something, well, less boring.

The everyday beach shot, featuring panorama = art.

A photo of the crowd at a football game, featuring panorama = So innovative.

A photo of a footpath in a park , featuring panorama = totally avant-garde.

However taking a good Panorama photo isn’t a matter of simply pressing a button.

You need the concentration of a lion hunting its prey, the balance and skill of a gymnast on the balancing beam and a steady hand, just like Jack Dawson in Titanic. And not all of us possess such attributes.

Well these people certainly don’t.

Introducing Failed Panorama shots. From animals missing legs to people missing heads, this kind of panorama activity is guaranteed to make you have a good chuckle.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Have a look at the gallery below.

Have you ever produced some really awesome or alternatively, seriously bad panorama shots? Tell or show us in the comments below.