Three things Rove needs to know about Sam Frost, according to Sasha.

“She’s very aggressive.”

Sam Frost and Rove McManus are now spending a lot of early mornings together, so it makes sense that they should get to know each other. Fast.

However they have not had much time to get acquainted.

So, what’s the best way to get to know your co-host?

Why – to have their ‘Significant Other’ sit down with you and warn you about their ugly morning habits and wacky quirks, of course!

Rove recently sat down with Sasha, and Sam sat down with Tasma, to find out the weirdest and most wonderful things about each other.

The three things Rove needs to know about Sam, according to Sasha:

1.”She sleeps with a mouthguard.”

Now, we’re not sure if when Sasha says ‘mouthguard’ he actually means an orthodontic retainer (we’ll assume he does), but it’s still funny to think of the glamorous Sam Frost wearing a not-so-glamorous dental accessory.

“You have to make sure that when she comes into the station that she’s taken it out,” Sasha advised.

2. “Make sure you keep a certain radius around her.”

Sam Frost “tends to do some funny arm actions,” Sasha explains… with arm movements (bless him).

Nailed it.

“It’s caught me off-guard a couple of times… I’ve caught one in the chops before.”

3. “Do not attempt to talk to her if she hasn’t had her coffee yet.”

Now, this is “the most important one,” says Sasha. “So two scoops of Moccona coffee, two sugars,” is the magic formula to keeping Sam happy in the morning.

“Only a little bit a milk and a whole lot of water.

“She needs her coffee. If not, you are going to get the full wrath of Sam… and she’s very aggressive.”

The three things Sam needs to know about Rove, according to Tasma:

1.”Do not ever mention Dr Who.”

“If you do you will get sucked in a labrynth of names you wish you didn’t have to hear… Davros, Skaro, The Weeping Angels… I already know far too much.”


It seems Rove and Sam won’t be discussing Dr Who very often though, considering Sam asked if she should “Google who Dr Who is first”.

Watch a clip of Sam and Tasma’s discussion below.

2. “He wears deodorant like it’s a perfume.”

“I can go into the room after he’s sprayed and I’ll get an asthma attack,” Tasma says.

Sam suggested she wear a “swine-flu mask” to protect her lungs (we think that’s a bit extreme, but hey, it sounds like the man loves his spray).

3. ‘He’s Mr 10 Tangents.’

“He has a way of telling a story that goes from story A, to story B, to story C… it goes on and on, and you do not went to get caught up with that.”

Sam’s master plan to get Rove to zip-up? To interrupt with “Oh! Look over there!”

Nice one, Sam, nice one. There’s nothing like using the oldest trick in the book.

Will you be tuning in to Rove and Sam’s morning show tomorrow?

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