15 of the most epic Facebook fails.


For some, it’s about sharing every…single…thing…they…do.

For others, it’s a place to lurk and occasionally engage.

But all of us love a funny status update – intentional or not.

You might not follow anyone quite as entertaining as those responsible for the following 15 status updates (or maybe you do and you should totally get in touch) but we do guarantee that you’ll get a laugh from them – and the kickarse comments that follow:

1. Like this honest user.

2. Or this genius.

3. Or this guy who has too much time on his hands (but might be on the money).

4. Or Joshua, who is just verbalizing what everyone else is thinking.

5. Or this beautiful interaction.

6. Or Joe, who just won the internet.

7. Or being made aware how important a comma, really can be.

8. Or Lauren, who is learning the hard way, that Facebook is not Google.

9. Or this guy, who let's face it, is totally justified.

10. Or being able to watch someone like Kaitlyn be owned for the hypocrite that she clearly is.

11. Or learning that one lesson in life: NEVER friend your boss on Facebook.

12. Or learning that for obvious reasons, Google will now always be more necessary than religion.

13. Or to find friends like Dayna, who will endlessly entertain you with their ineptitude.

14. Or so you can discover neighbours like Kieran (who might want to think twice before poking the bear).

15. Or for watching Grandma share TMI. And not for the last time.