See the stunning photos that Facebook didn't want you to look at.

Facebook’s photo-censors have been at it again.

A professional photographer has won the battle with the top dogs at Facebook after two of his images sparked warnings and bans.

Michael Stokes was banned from the social media site for 30 days after posting this ‘cheeky’ picture (geddit?):

This is the picture that caused the Facebook ban. Image supplied.

Administrators told the LA-based photographer the image from his book, Masculinity, contained “things that aren’t allowed”.

Computer says no. Image via Facebook.

Another of his images – featuring a topless female US Army veteran whose arms had been amputated – landed him a warning in July.

The subject, Mary Dague, lost her arms after an IED explosion in Iraq and later had surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The image – titled ‘Mary, The Venus’ – was one of the stunning and captivating portraits of injured veterans from Stokes’ upcoming book Always Loyal.

This image sparked a warning. Image supplied.

Stokes told The Independent he believed the image fell into the site’s nudity exception for breast scarring.

“Not only is she a breast cancer survivor but she was a war hero,” he said.

“When people started sharing the photo in July, they started to get banned.

“I thought that was really weird because if they could easily find the origin on my page, why weren’t they removing it?”

He received a warning from Facebook after his page was reported and removed the photo.

See more beautiful images of the veterans (post continues after gallery):

But this week, his photo of a man in a helmet lighting a cigarette was removed from his page and a 30-day ban imposed because he “repeatedly posted things that aren’t allowed”.

The ban angered his followers and prompted more than 6000 comments, many lambasting the site for allowing images of scantily clad women but removing pictures of partially nude men and disabled people.

The photo was reinstated on Tuesday with no explanation, The Independent reports.

People power perhaps?