One young Aussie has brilliantly explained why the same sex marriage plebiscite is an awful idea.

When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull introduced the contentious plebiscite bill to the parliament today, he argued those who oppose same-sex marriage — and who will assumedley be voting against it — should not be labelled homophobic.

“The argument against the plebiscite is, basically, that people can’t be trusted to have a civil conversation,” he said.

“That insults the Australian people. That disrespects the Australian people.”

The comments quickly drew ire on social media because, honestly, what would you call denying a couple their basic civil rights because of their sexuality if not homophobic?

The sentiment is one echoed throughout the LGBTI+ community, who fear that a lengthy campaign in the lead up to the public vote will only serve to further alienate them.

One young Australian perfectly articulated that fear on Facebook yesterday.

“One night I was walking home alone in the dark. I hear someone yell, ‘Where the fuck are you going dressed like a faggot?’,” writes Canberra’s Cody Smith, in a post that’s now been shared more than 3,400 times.

“There’s four of them. I run, legitimately afraid for my life … They get a vote,” she writes.

Cody then lists all the other people she’s encountered whose votes will determine whether or not the same-sex marriage plebiscite will pass.

The parents of her first girlfriend, who bullied their daughter to the point of suicide?

They’ll be voting.


The teacher who made her skin crawl by saying “Catholics don’t really hate gay people, it’s just that homosexuality is a sin, and those feelings need to be repressed”?

That teacher will be voting, too.

As will homophobic uncles, people who turn out to anti-marriage equality rallies, school bullies, and Internet trolls.

“At the pool I get mistaken for a man in the women’s change room, called a tranny, a pervert, a sick fuck. Right in front of [the woman’s] own children, I might add. Setting a great example.

“Her children won’t get a vote at least, but she will.”

You only need to look in the comments section of any news article or Facebook post, or search “plebiscite” on Twitter to know the people of Australia can’t be trusted. Yet that’s what the LGBTI+ community is being asked to do.

“My elected representatives are planning to give 7.5 million dollars to a whole bunch of people seeking to compel a frustrated and apathetic populace to vote against my rights,” Cody writes.

“For the next five months, I can only guess what I might come across, in the street, on TV, in newspapers, let alone online. I can’t imagine it’ll be escapable (sic).”

“Every single person attached to that campaign will get to vote, as well as every person influenced by it. But don’t worry about it, Cody.”

Mamamia Out Loud: we shouldn’t be using these people’s lives as political football.