The Facebook page that photoshops women so that they are more "palatable".

It’s so stupid we’re not linking to it.

A hate page pretending to be deeply concerned about women’s health takes pictures of females it deems to be fat and photoshops them (badly) to be thin.

The charmer behind Project Harpoon then posts the pictures side by side with captions like, “Being skinny is OK! Tag your ‘big-boned’ friends! and your ‘anorexic’ friends!”

The page’s creator, a Reddit and 4Chan (wouldn’t you just know it?) user, confusingly claims to be trying to fight the good fight against “skinny shaming” by… fat shaming?

So. Offensive. Image via Facebook.

No, no, that’s not fat shaming! It’s actually trying to “provide people with achievable health goals. We do this by showing how beautiful they could look if they put just a little bit of effort into their bodies”.


“This is a place where we can manipulate photos of HAES [health at every size] supporters to be more palatable to the normal human being.”

For some reason, these little nerds are almost exclusively concerned with the bodies of the female population. The health and boobs of woman are keeping these boys up at night, but their male compatriots can choke on a burrito, as far as they’re concerned.

“In current societal fashion, a recent trending surge of ‘pro-obesity’ and ‘fat acceptance’ have paved the way for many people to renounce exercise and personal healthcare in general. This page aims to only show that being skinny is okay as well! Skinnyshaming [sic] is not okay :),” reads the description on the corresponding subreddit.

Mama June, if she tried hard enough, could be a “less-appealing Jennifer Lawrence.” Image via Facebook.

They also seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the mechanics of weight loss.

The women they photoshop maintain their lovely, big, fat-filled breasts and rounded hips, while gaining impossibly tiny waists and skinny little pins.

The misogyny is right there in the name, with its connotations of overweight women being whales, but in case you were in any doubt, check out some of the comments.

This woman appears to have lost a scary amount of weight yet retained her pre-weight-loss breasts. Miraculous! Image via Facebook.

Horea Deaconescu wrote, in response to a woman’s comment that being skinny isn’t necessarily healthy:

“Fat isn’t either. Also your chin seems like it can poke a hole in a man’s heart. Not attractive at all. Yes, men prefer tits and ass..i do too, but on a skinny girl. Either way, I’d take a skinny cutie over a fat ‘womyn’ everyday. And not only because of the looks but because of the discipline that comes with a healthy lifestyle. When you have the power to say no to obesity, you have what it takes to make a relationship work.”


“#thinnerbeauty Skinny girls are the only ones worth loving!! :)” said Joe Smith.

So, now fat people can’t love or be loved?

Yeah, be more successful, famous pop star Meghan Trainor. Image via Facebook.

Another, this time from one “Lucy Bermudez” (sceptical that she actually exists): “This is why I worked hard to improve my body. I was chubby back in school so I’ve been there. All these women in denial and doing anything but working out and eating less are honestly disgusting. If they put as much effort into improving their body as they put in convincing themselves they aren’t fatties and aren’t unhealthy, they’d have a killer body. Maybe then they could attract a man LOL.”

Ah yes, it all comes back to attracting a man. What else could a woman want in life?

The page uses people’s pictures without permission, and in an attempt to absolve himself of any legal transgressions, the page’s creator has called the pictures “parodies” that “exist entirely on the internet in meme form”.

“This collaborative transformative art project exists solely for commentary and criticism for educational purposes and exists under Fair Use.”

They made Melissa McCarthy look like a Barbie. Image via Facebook.

There’s also a corresponding subreddit called ThinnerBeauty.

It’s definitely not a hate thread, but for some reason carries posts called, “Quick photoshop tutorial on how to make landwhales look human” and “From Miss Piggy to Miss Pinup”.

This is likely just an elaborate trolling attempt by sexually frustrated teens, but so far the page has more than 7,000 likes.

Model Tess Holliday.

It’s as though these men don’t seem to understand that women are human beings with personal autonomy. Our bodies do not exist for them to admire or manipulate, to comment on, to approve or disapprove of, to add their own improvements to.

I think we should all go on this page and demand to see a picture of the person who created it. Then photoshop a dick onto his forehead.

Project Harpoon takes people’s pictures and doctors them without permission.


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