You can now try more than 900 lipsticks using Facebook Messenger.

We can put man on the moon and make cakes in a mug, but pray tell – why has it taken until 2016 for us to create a makeup app that lets us road-test lipsticks?

Anyway, I’m not mad. Because thanks to ModiFace, we can now do exactly that.

Canadian digital company ModiFace has created several apps that allow you to ‘try out’ various beauty products or styles without lifting a finger. The only thing you need to lift, actually, is your phone: the makeup, hair, and skincare products are layered over your camera shot like a filter.

Just like the Snapchat puppy ears, but with lipstick.

“Patented augmented-reality technology can show makeup, hair, skin, and anti-ageing changes in LIVE 3D,” the Modiface website says. “The ModiFace Mirror features photo-realistic makeup/skin simulation, shade matching, glance-based product recommendations, pause/play modes, and more.”

Thanks to their augmented reality technology, ModiFace have been able to create dead-set genius apps like L’Oreal Paris’ Makeup Genius where you can apply a full face of makeup…online. (And if you haven’t tried that at least one on a dog/cat/baby/husband, you haven’t LIVED…)

And now they have taken this technology to Facebook.

Using the new ModiFace Facebook Messenger functionality, you can try out more 900 shades of lipstick, without the pash-rash look that comes with the testers in the store.

All you need to do is visit the ModiFace Facebook page, and hit ‘Message’ at the top right corner. A new Facebook Messenger window will pop, and will ask you to send through a selfie. Do it, and they’ll shoot you back a list of colours and brands. All you need to do is select one, and bang! ModiFace will send you a photo of you wearing the lipstick, plus a link to buy it.

What a time to be alive.


Anyway, I started get a little bit over-excited and tried to fry the app's brain. won.

So there you go.

Considering 99.9% of our socialising is done online these days – yeah, I know, #depressing – this a major breakthrough for those who don't really know how to paint between the lip lines. (That would be me.)

The benefits of this (dis?)connectivity have finally been realised. You NEVER NEED TO ACTUALLY WEAR MAKEUP AGAIN.

Whether it's a Skype interview with a prospective boss, or Face-Timing your honey long-distance, the app will do all your beauty-prepping for you.

Oh, and just for the record? It is definitely possible to go too far with the ModiFace make-up.

Behold, my Zombie Paula Deen: