Top Model star gives birth on Facebook Live. Is very, very chilled.

Does watching videos of women giving birth leave you traumatised? Well, maybe you need to watch Lisa D’Amato’s.

D’Amato is known to fans of America’s Next Top Model as the off-the-wall contestant from season five who came back to win the All-Stars season. The reality star has also appeared on Celebrity Rehab.

Six days ago, she gave birth to a boy, Venice Sire. The birth was streamed online.

“Gave birth to my #2 ☀️!” D’Amato wrote on Facebook, the day after the birth.

“My best friends and hubby filmed it on Facebook LIVE which only took 14 minutes!! Hahaha I only agreed to it when I made them promise to NOT show my hoohah! Lol.”

D'Amato waves to the camera. Image via Brendan Vaughn/Facebook.

What's most amazing, watching the 28-minute video, is how chilled D'Amato is throughout the whole experience.

"How come you’re not screaming like all the other mothers do?" asks someone in the delivery room.

"That’s because she was smart enough to get an epidural," comes the reply.

D'Amato jokes her way through the first 10 minutes. She comments on the hotness of her doctor ("He is the cutest ob-gyn ever") and sings to herself ("Your body is a wonderland"). She seems obsessed with what she's going to eat afterwards ("Should I get the garlic noodles or should I get the pizza?").

Her obstetrician asks her to push, "just like you’d do if you're really constipated". In about three pushes, the baby is out, and he's put straight onto her chest. Even though he has some trouble breathing, everyone remains relaxed.

Here's the video. The actual birth is about 10 minutes in.

Video via Brendan Vaughn/Facebook.

There are a few teary moments for D'Amato after the birth, but then she's back to joking about women bribing doctors to sew up their vaginas "to your liking". There are also a lot of comments about the placenta and how much it looks like liver.

It's not how most people imagine birth to be. It's not excruciating or terrifying, and it's not deeply, profoundly spiritual. It's relaxed and jokey. That's why it's so great to have it out there.

Little Venice did need to go into intensive care.

"Poor guy had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck with a ton of amniotic fluid in his lungs so he's still struggling to learn how to breath on his own since he had a rough breathing start but his lungs are healthy, he's a BIG boy and can't wait for him to meet his big brother @castledaxel and everyone else once he gets out of the nicu and transitions to real life now with breathing," D'Amato posted on Facebook two days after the birth.

He is now home with his family.

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