Snapchat's new 'Face Swap' feature is the best fun you'll have all week.

Last Friday morning, as we all woke to our tired looking reflections, thinking “eh, wouldn’t mind swapping my face for another face today”, Snapchat dropped a game changer.

The ‘Face Swap’ lens was probably invented for two-selfie-taking-buddies who could have a good laugh about how they’d look with each others faces.

But the internet, as always, had other plans.

Why swap normal human faces? No – that just wouldn’t do. Instead, people got creative.






Barney (obviously).


And my personal favourite, an electrical socket.

Honorable mentions must also go to snappers who experimented with large billboards, cookies and regular objects eg. a fridge.

Watch celebrities ‘Face Swap’ with Leonardo Dicaprio. 

Video by Vanity Fair

In the name of research, I decided to test out the new feature. I wanted to see if I too could go viral, making people at their work desks spit out their coffee all over their keyboard.

But there was a problem.

Oh. That’s right.

We have the same face. Turns out, Face Swap isn’t so funny when you have a twin sister.