Three of the best face sunscreen tips for women with a million things to do (all of us, then).

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We all know we’re meant to wear sunscreen on our faces every day. Not once in a while or whenever we remember. But every day.

But between waking up on time, putting on makeup, shoving down some breakfast, ironing the shirt you forgot to iron last night, getting the kids fed, dressed and in the car, remembering to set the house alarm, letting the dog out, replying to those urgent emails from three days ago, making it into the office in time….it can feel like the least important thing on your list when you’re really, really busy.

So, how do you continue living your life and protect your skin from harmful UV rays, fine wrinkles, pigmentation and skin cancers at the same time? Without needing to wake up an extra 15 minutes or splash out on another expensive product?

Honestly, we needed an answer too. So we went and found out how to incorporate face sunscreen seamlessly into your daily beauty routine so you can get on with everything else.

1.Work it into your beauty routine.

If you don’t have a whole lot of skincare and beauty know-how, doing this is easier said than done. But… but don’t I already put on X, Y and Z creams and lotions to take care of my skin? you cry.

Mamamia‘s resident makeup artist Natalie Wright told us exactly when and how we should be putting sunscreen on.

“It’s important to use it daily and especially on overcast days,” Natalie told us. “The UV is still strong on those days, and it’s still a good idea to protect your skin. I always like to apply my sunscreen after my moisturiser and then my foundation.

Sun safety starts at home. Image: Getty.

"I like to use a lightweight sunscreen, and one that isn't too oily to avoid that heavy feeling. If you wait just a few minutes and let the sunscreen settle into the skin before applying the rest of the makeup it will help in making your makeup last longer."

Natalie also suggested using a brush to apply your sunscreen, rather than your fingers because: "It allows the product to really be buffed into the skin, and by using a brush your layers of moisturise, sunscreen and foundation will look seamless and give that flawless finish."


If you're really time poor, she said you can get away with mixing your sunscreen of choice into your favourite moisturiser, or into your liquid foundation.

Oh, and storing your own bottle of sunscreen in the same place you do all your other skincare and makeup goodies - rather than rummaging in the glove box or medicine cupboard each day - will make it near impossible to accidentally forget to put it on. Easy, no?

And make sure to check the storage instructions on your sunscreen bottle. That'll help you choose the right place.

2. Choose the right sunscreen.

So if you're going to go to the effort of committing and adding it into your routine, it needs to be a hardworking multi-tasker.

Thick, greasy sunscreen formulas will never feel good under your work clothes or after a humid morning commute. Banana Boat Dry Balance SPF50+ Sunscreen is a great on-the-go option for those of us who need a light sunscreen to easily rub in.

On a day-to-day level, this sunscreen is really quite intuitive, meaning you can throw it on and go about living your life with ease. Formulated to absorb excess moisture, and dry with a soft matte finish (which is what you want for your face, especially in summer), Banana Boat Dry Balance is designed to feel, you guessed it, dry and fresh on the skin, not oily.


Someone say 'dry'? We're in. Image: Banana Boat.

It's got all the important things - SPF 50+, broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and water resistance for up to four hours. Plus, it's something the whole family can use whether it's weekend beach time or afternoon sports o'clock.

By choosing a smart sunscreen that suits your needs, you can shave minutes off the whole applying sunscreen process.

3. Be prepared.

Now you know the what and the how, let's talk logistics. Whether you're a 9-5 professional, mum to little ones, or both, every busy woman knows the secret to succeeding at anything is organisation. Fail to plan, and you're planning to fail... or something like that, right?


So let's use the same approach when it comes to making sure you fit in putting on sunscreen every day.

If your problem is remembering, again, be sure to stash a bottle of sunscreen next to other essential items like your toothbrush or deodorant (we hope). For an added push, chuck one in your handbag, gym bag or at your desk.

Side note - seeing your sunscreen everywhere has the added bonus of guilting you into putting on your sunscreen too. Win.

Next comes the maintenance. Even the driest of dry sunscreens can leave you with unwanted shine, namely because you have put a physical/chemical barrier between your skin and the sun's rays.

The easiest ways to combat this, thus making it a non-issue and definitely not an excuse to stop applying sunscreen, is using anti-shine, mattifying beauty products in your makeup routine.

Check out the gallery below for Mamamia's top picks below...


After you've applied your sunscreen, you can use a mattifying primer to knock out shine before you do your base, before setting it into place with a setting spray. Blotting papers will also become an essential item. Basically, they suck the oil off your face, without ruining your makeup, so keep a pack in your handbag for extra sweaty commutes or humid school runs. Easy peasy.

One final tip to add: just like when you're at the beach, make sure to reapply sunscreen if you're going outdoors during the day, at least every two hours. That'll keep your skin protected, and that feeling of confidence you need to tackle the rest of the day.

What's the best sunscreen tip you can share? Tell us below.

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