"The cute story that got my child's face on his favourite chocolate."

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When you’re a kid, you’d be hard pressed to find a moment that’s more exciting than receiving your first Kinder Chocolate. It’s a child’s dream all rolled into one: milk chocolate on the outside and a smooth milky filling on the inside.

There’s probably only one thing in the world that could top it and that’s having your face on one. And shortly, three-year-old b will be the envy of every one of the kids at his kinder as he finds out exactly what that feels like.

Along with five other talented children, Oliver is one of the adorable little youngsters to win the Face of Kinder Competition. And it’s all thanks to his mum, Jana Leckel, and her quick thinking one Saturday night when an ad for the competition popped up on her TV.

3-year-old Oliver with his mum, dad and sister. Image: Supplied.

Jana says she immediately turned to her husband and said, "Oh my God, Olly would be perfect for that" as she describes her son as "a real character with lots of personality".

"He’s the second child, so he’s outgoing and crazy. We thought he’d be perfect for it," the mum-of-two explains.

When it came to entering the competition, which involved sharing a cute story about your child and sending a photo to go with it, Jana had the perfect moment to share.

"We have swimming lessons every Saturday and Olly was in the middle of his lesson and he yelled out 'SHARK', you know, just out of nowhere. He’s a real comedian. And so he had all of the kids in fits of laughter," Jana recalls.

Oliver and his sister Heidi. Image: Supplied.

Along with that story and a cute photo of Oliver wearing goggles, she sent off his entry. When they finally heard back, Jana says she nearly fell over from the surprise and shock of her son being chosen as a winner.

"We couldn’t believe it. I said, 'Olly! We’re going to Sydney!' He goes, 'oh okay', he had no idea, but now he does," Jana shares.

While on a trip to the shops, Jana picked up a Kinder Chocolate and showed it to her son, explaining soon it would be his face on it next. She says while Oliver understands now, at the time he had no idea what winning the Face of Kinder Competition would involve.

When Oliver clued onto the fact his face would soon be on a Kinder chocolate, he immediately took his mum's phone and proceeded to show all of his kinder friends, of course.

Oliver and his mum Jana. Image: Supplied.

With the chocolate in store from July 9, Jana will be the first to line up to get her hands on a big supply.

"We’ll be stockpiling now. I’ll be buying everything," Jana says. "I owe so many people chocolate from voting. I drove this amazing Facebook campaign where I was constantly encouraging friends to vote for like a month".

"I said, 'I will give you chocolate if he wins'. Of course, I didn’t think he was going to win. So now I’ve got to keep my word. So I’ll be ordering a lot of chocolate now," she continues.

Oliver with his mum Jana and sister Heidi. Image: Supplied.

With the next Face of Kinder competition beginning soon, Jana has also shared her number one tip for getting your child noticed in the competition.

“I think that the story that supports the photo is really important. There were a lot of stories that are very cute but you need something that’s a bit different that will make them stand out. And I think the photo you send needs to tell a bit of a story as well," Jana explains.

So what are you waiting for? Get entering here.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Kinder Chocolate. 

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