People are now putting those blackhead masks all over their bodies.

Ever wondered what it would be like to cover your entire body in a face mask and then peel it off?

No, neither have we. But for those curious as to whether the satisfying feeling of peeling off a face mask translates to other areas of the body, we have the answers.

That’s because at least two Youtubers with – I’m just going to say it – plenty of time on their hands, have tried it out for us.

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Youtube stars Izabela Stress and Nicole Skyes decided to coat each and every one of their limbs in blackhead face mask peels in separate, bizarre stunts that have attracted millions of views each on their respective channels.

(Both acknowledge the unfortunate look coating their bodies in the black liquid creates, but insists they are not trying to be racist.)

The particular product they each use isn’t your average face mask though, it’s a blackhead peel that’s started a craze and resulted in quite a bit of pain for Skyes when she tried the stunt after watching Stress’ captivating clip.

So what were the results?

Well, Skyes didn’t mention having a particular problem with blackheads before she started the “challenge” so it wasn’t surprising when she found very few on the peel.

It did, however, redden her skin and rip out the few hairs she’d missed while shaving in preparation for the attempt. Ouch.

Izabela Stress had some help from her fiance in the coating process. (Image via Youtube.)

"I'm contemplating my life choices right now," she says at one point between cries of pain.

Meanwhile, Stress seemed to enjoy slowly peeling off the black mask, which resembled stockings on her legs, but wrote below the video, "Yes, it hurts. A lot."

So there you go.

As to where the idea for the "challenge" came from, it seems it's just the latest in a series of intriguing videos posted by Stress, who has previously coated her body in M&Ms and bathed in Coca-Cola.

Watch Izabela Stress' face mask video.


Watch Nicole Skyes' attempt.

Have you ever tried a blackhead removal mask?