Forget the optometrist: this GIF will tell you if you need glasses.

You never need to visit the optometrist again.*

*You should probably still go to the optometrist.

The geniuses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an optical illusion that reveals if you’re shortsighted.

The image combines a picture of Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe to test your ability to see objects at a distance.

So, take a look: who do you see?

Once the image has stopped moving…

If you see Albert Einstein:

Congratulations! Your eyes are in tip-top shape. Normal, healthy eyes see Albert Einstein from a normal distance. The more quickly you see Alby, the sharper your eyes.

If you see Marilyn Monroe: 

Bad news, guys. Seeing Marilyn means your eyes process close-up images as if they’re further away than they actually are. In other words – you’re shortsighted. To see Marilyn with healthy eyes, you have to step way back from the screen.

Apparently if you have normal eyesight, the image should start as Marilyn and then morph into Albert. But if it stays as Marilyn once it’s up close, you’re in trouble. For the much more sciencey scientific explanation, check out this video from ASAP Science:

Not convinced? Don’t worry, that’s not the only way to tell if your eyesight is failing. Other signs include running into things, misplacing your phone when it’s on your desk in front of you and hugging a stranger after mistaking them for your own mother.

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