Fifi Box's travel essential completely cuts down the need for makeup.

When you’re heading on a tropical beach holiday, there are some items that are non-negotiable. Passport, sunscreen, bikini, a fabulous floppy hat, a good book… and eyelash extensions.

Don’t believe us on that last one? Allow Fifi Box to convince you.

Having just returned from a trip to Fiji with her three year-old daughter Trixie, Box’s Instagram feed is filled with snaps of days by the pool, glorious beach sunsets and doughnuts, all made better thanks to a certain pre-holiday beauty treatment.

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“I’ve just spent two weeks with absolutely no make-up on and loved every second of it!” she captioned a sneaky selfie.

“I finally tried eyelash extensions and never even felt the need for a scrape of mascara. Thank you to the talented girls at @lashdesign for giving me the lashes my parents forgot to deliver on!”

We feel you on that, Fifi.


  Typically lasting four to six weeks, eyelash extensions are like semi-permanent falsies that make eyes look bigger and fresher – as well as making you look instantly put-together without the need for a scrap of makeup.

Waking up with lashes that rival those in a mascara commercial? A pretty good way to start the day, we’d say. (Even better when you follow it up with an afternoon by the beach, cocktail in hand. Mmmmmm.)

Box is not alone – Zoe Foster Blake is a big fan of eyelash extensions as a major time-saver, particularly for holidays and hers done recently before she jetted off to Europe with her family. 

Best thing about beach holidays: beach holidays. Worst thing about beach holidays: friggen hyperpigmentation. (NOT freckles, rather the large clusters of brown.) The worse it gets, the harder it is to shift, and aside of the fact it’s the skin under siege/an inflammatory response (????) my belief is that it’s uneven skin tone – not wrinkles – that makes the skin look aged. And TERRUST ME, I know all the tricks: I use pigment inhibitors (Aspect Pigment Punch), antioxidants (@gotoskincare Face Hero) non-stop broad spectrum physical/zinc oxide-based sun protection (Invisible Zinc), wide-brimmed hats and plastic sunglasses. That it has flared up again so rapidly (I kind of blame the Fraxel I had five years ago…) reminds me that, A) thermal heat certainly does cause melanin production, B) hyperpigmentation is the biggest bitch in bitch town, C) BB creams won’t cut it now, and D) I will just deal with it when I get home with usual program of peels/AHAs/microdermabrasion blah blah blah. ???? Link to an old hyperpigmentation post of mine in bio for info. UPDATE: Lashes and brows are tagged and certainly nothing I created myself. ???? A photo posted by ZOË FOSTER BLAKE (@zotheysay) on Jul 4, 2016 at 3:14am PDT

Days spent by the water, cocktails at any hour, the ability to go a whole day without putting pants on, actual beach hair and fluttering eyelashes that would make a butterfly jealous… Fifi, can we come with you next time?

Featured image: Instagram/@fifibox

Have you tried eyelash extensions before?