Emma has been a lash artist for 7 years. She's never seen a case quite this bad.

Emma Dhanjal has been doing eyelash extensions for more than seven years.

But when one of her most recent clients entered her salon with a desperate desire for lash extensions for her fast-approaching birthday weekend, she felt a need to share a cautionary kind of tale.

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research,” she wrote on her Facebook page, Emmaculate Beauty, alongside a composite image of her client’s damaged lashes.

“This poor girl has been left with extremely damaged natural lashes. She wanted lashes for her birthday this weekend and I could not lash her because she has been left with no lashes.”

Emma explained that when she went to touch her client’s lashes with tweezers, they almost immediately began to fall out.

“As well as inflamed eyelids and needing to see her doctor for infection, her lashes may never be the same again. This should NEVER ever happen to your lashes, please do not be scared of having lash extensions applied, if you do your research and go to the right place your lash extensions can be applied for years and years without having a break.”

Emma went on to say they are the “worst lashes” she has seen in “seven years of lashing”, and that examples like this make her feel “sick”.

“Make sure you are 100 per cent certain you know the background of your next eyelash artist,” she wrote.

Image: Facebook/Emmaculate Beauty.

Speaking to Mamamia, Emma said the moment she saw her client's lashes and realised they were in "chunks", she knew something wasn't right.

"When I had a look at them I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to cry - they were the worst lashes I had ever seen. They were horrendous.

"I wanted to call [the lash artist] and explain to her that it can't be happening. I had to remove the lashes and she was basically left bald. She was very upset."


Emma told Mamamia her client's eyelids were quite red and inflamed, which meant an infection had probably already set in, and going to the doctor was the only thing she could recommend she do.

So, how can you be sure you eyelash artist's salon is legitimate, and their skills up to scratch?

"The first thing you need to do is to check out reviews," Emma says.

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"Do they have a lot of evidence of good reviews, are they sharing photos that show good lashes? Social media is a massive one, because everyone is sharing photos.

"Also, call the salon and have a chat to them, have a chat to the artist and see if they sound like they know what they are talking about."

She also recommends uncovering whether the lash artist in question, does a "patch test", which gives you the ability to see, before you invest in a full set of lashes, whether you will have a reaction.

More than anything, she stresses not to avoid getting lash extensions because of one, far-removed horror story. Lash artists now have to be accredited with the right training, which should, eventually, weed out the rookies from the pros.

You can visit Emma Dhanjal's website here, and Facebook page here.

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