2020 was the year of eyebrows. Here's what you'll be doing with them in 2021.

With the inability to just duck into a salon whenever we darn well pleased, last year was the year many of us just let our brows do their ~thing~. 

With no tinting, waxing and plucking (hands up who else was too scarred to touch them?), we saw a whole new side to our brows.

Undone. Fluffy. Kinda cute.

And while early 2020 was all about brow lamination, feathered brows and all that other jazz, this year is a *little* different. 

Watch: Wanna take a peak what's involved with brow lamination? Watch Amy Clark's tried and tested. Post continues below.

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Y'see, brows in 2021 are relatively low-maintenance - which means playing on natural colours and shapes and embracing what you've already got (which is great by the way, Beth).

So, ditch the at-home colour kit and wax strips and get on board these new brow shapes of 2021.

The natural brow.


Whether it's because we've not made a brow appointment in months, or because we're actually starting to like the 'less is more' look - natural brows are in and we're not the slightest bit mad about it.

The best part? It requires very little effort. Like, NONE.

So. Much. Yes.

Use a spoolie brush and simply brush through your brow hairs to keep them in check. Make sure the rest of your makeup look is pared-back, so you can really nail that whole fresh, minimal look.

Benefit Angled Brush and Spoolie, $37.

Image: Benefit Angled Brow Brush and Spoolie 

Thin brows.


Did we all just realise that it's way easier to embrace our naturally thin brows rather than spend an hour and a half every morning trying to get on Timothee Chalamet's level of brow density? I think we did.

Meaning? Extra sleep! How good.

To keep things looking neat, ditch the eleventy million brow products you usually use, and just swipe on a tinted gel to fluff the brow hairs up and give them some shape.

Easy as pie.

REVLON ColorStay Brow Fiber, $11.47.

Image: REVLON ColorStay Brow Fiber 

Fluffy brows.


The sky's the limit, people! This trend takes the whole feathered brow look to new heights, focusing on brows that are brushed up and lusciously fluffy in appearance. 

While this kinda look works best with full brows, you can just go in with a brow pen and fill in any sparse areas. After filling your brows, brush through a clear setting gel to set and hold the hairs in place.

The 'soap method' is another easy (and affordable) way to nab this look - which, as the name suggests, involves using soap in place of eyebrow gel.

Listen: Wanna know more about the soap thingo? In this episode, Leigh and Kelly break down what it means to ‘soap’ your brows. Post continues below.

MCoBeauty Brow Kit Brow Pen & Clear Brow Gel, $22.00.

Image: MCoBeauty Brow Kit Brow Pen & Clear Brow Gel 

The straight brow.


Get ready for rise of the anti-arch! *Gasps*.

If you're still looking for a shape you love (read: all of us), the straight brow look might be the striking solution you've been searching for. The iconic brow shape was most memorably worn by Audrey Hepburn, with celebrities such as Kendall Jenner jumping on board and giving them a modern twist.

The straight brow trend has recently taken off on social media, with TikTok users waxing or shaving the tail end of their brows to achieve a straighter look. Sounds terrifying, we know.

Given the work that goes into shaping and maintaining a straight brow, you're probably better off making an appointment and going to see a professional if you want to commit.

Will you try any of these brow trends above? What's your go-to brow look? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: @yadavillaret; @chainkyr

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