Extreme parenting fights back. And it's not pretty.


Parenting memes. So cute. So reassuring. So helpful.

Such a good way to let your fellow parents know that they’re doing their darndest, that we’re all muddling through the best way we know how, and that they’ve got a community of other parents out there who’ve got their back with every misstep.


Um. How about this one?

Or, this one?


Or then, there’s this:


And, this:

These four images were posted as one meme on the Facebook page of the The Natural Parent Magazine on December 3.

And as you might imagine, responses, were fast and furious:



Of course, there were others who loved it. The meme got 2.4k Likes:


But most of the comments agreed that wherever you stand on baby-wearing, breast-feeding or co-sleeping, the tone of this meme was unnecessarily aggressive and provocative.

We’re looking forward to a time when judgemental parenting memes were just a ‘trend’ that sank like a stone.

Is there a parenting trend you can’t wait to see the back of?