Parents spend more on their daughter's third birthday than most do on a wedding.

We’ll break down their spending for you.

If you think of the most extravagant third birthday party you’ve ever been to – the one where the parents made a perfect Frozen themed cake and maybe there was a jumping castle and all the food was homemade. Well that doesn’t even come to close to this Perth girl’s third birthday bash.

Perth couple, Trang Nguyen and Eric Lembo threw a huge birthday party for their three-year-old daughter, Lauren, and it cost them a close whopping $50,000 (no I didn’t add a zero).

It was a Disney-themed party.

The parents and their duaghter. Image via Dave and Charlotte photography.

Lauren's dad co-owns a riverfront reception centre - Caversham House. There was a marquee on the grounds of the centre and it was lined with chandeliers. Former Australian Idol contestant, Courtney Murphy came to entertain. There were 170 adults and 50 children there (of how many Lauren actually knew we don't know).

There was not a crust of fairy bread or sprinkles in sight. Instead there was a fairy floss machine, a photo booth, balloon artists, children's high-tea (because their standards are that 'high') and a face painter.

High tea and oysters replaced fairy bread. Image via Dave and Charlotte photography.

In place of coloured sprinkles on triangular cut bread there was tempura scallops, pork belly, paella, wood fired pizzas and oysters. Plus there was cognac (not for the children obviously).

There was a total break down of the cost of everything in Perthnow.

$18,890  for food and staff

$12,700 for beer, wine, Remy Martin XO and soft drinks

$9635 for the marquee, furniture, trees, flowers, decorations, popcorn and fairy floss station

$3000 for the photographer

$1600 for singer Courtney Murphy

$1000 for the photo booth

$770 for the magician

$600 for Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The total came to $48,195.

'Lauren' in lights. Image via Dave and Charlotte photography.

The 39-year-old father told the Perth publication that he didn't think it was extravagant and that it had been an ongoing tradition since his daughter's first birthday.

And of course she got a lot of presents too.

Present table. Image via Dave and Charlotte photography.

We can't wait to see what her 18th and 21st are like - and are slightly scared to see what Lauren's parents do for her wedding.

They say money can't buy you happiness, but it can definitely buy you a very extravagant third birthday party.

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Photos via Dave and Charlotte Photography.

What do you think about spening so much on a toddler's birthday party?

Want more? Try:

"$100, 000 kids' birthday parties are here. Sorry."

"I'm putting a ban on birthday parties for my kids."