Married at First Sight experts share their "disappointment" in the runaway bride.

Anyone who saw a Married at First Sight promo knew a bride was going to leave her groom on their wedding day.

However, no one was more shocked to learn the show’s first ‘runaway bride’ was 33-year-old Lauren, than the experts who matched her with Andrew.

“I did not see that coming,” one of the show’s experts, Trisha Stratford, revealed.

Expert Trisha from Marrried at First Sight tells The Recap the judges were “dissapointed”.

In an interview with The Recap team, the psychologist said that although tests she conducted prior to the show’s filming showed Lauren had a nervous side to her personality, she never suspected the single mum would run.

“She was quite anxious. I can put my hand up for that,” Stratford said.

“My testing came back she was quite anxious and I was a bit concerned that she would go into the fight and flight quite quickly.

“I didn’t expect her to run.”

married at first sight lauren
Lauren and Andrew seemed to be getting along well. (Source: Channel 9.)

The judges were not only shocked by Lauren's decision to ditch her newly wedded husband on their wedding night, but also disappointed.

"We were all quite disappointed with that because we thought she was a great match with Andrew."

"She's a single mum. Andrew loves kids, ex-teacher and yes, we're all disappointed."

Lauren and Andrew had appeared to be getting along well at their wedding reception, but the bride disappeared while the pair were having post-reception drinks at a venue near their hotel.

"I turned around and Lauren had vanished," Andrew told cameras. "She was gone."

Monday night's episode revealed that the single mum was located by the experts two days later - in a house that was (most likely) her home.

Listen to the full interview with Trisha on The Recap here: