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Aaron Wray fell asleep on his Uber ride home. It cost him $755.

A London teenager was charged a whopping $755 for a five-hour trip when his Uber driver drove him to another city – instead of 13km to his home.

Aaron Wray was hoping to travel from nearby Croydon to the London suburb Brixton at the end of a night out, but instead was driven about 225km to Bristol after he fell asleep in the back of the ride-share car.

The Uber driver then turned around after arriving at the wrong address, resulting in a 420km round-trip.

The 18-year-old told The Sun that he awoke as he was heading back towards London.

“My phone was dead so I just had to sit there,” Aaron said. “I tried to ask the driver but he couldn’t really speak English. I have no memory of it stopping and I didn’t get out of the car.”

The teen said he only realised he had been to Bristol when he saw the $755 (£467) receipt for what should have cost him about $32 (£20).

“I got home at about 8am or 9am,” he said. “It was all my money for a month gone. I was furious.”

Unsurprisingly, Aaron only gave the driver, Abdi, a one-star rating for the trip. It did make for a hilarious Tweet for his friend Grace, who posted the trip and their conversation.

So who’s to blame for the epic detour?

The computer science student insists he put the correct address into the app and then confirmed the postcode with the driver, suggesting the Bristol address was then added by mistake.

Uber, however, said the original destination was added as Bristol – which is where Aaron attends university.

Regardless, it seems the company was willing to reimburse Aaron when contacted by The Sun.

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“This was clearly an unfortunate mistake so as a gesture of goodwill we would like to offer the rider a refund,” an Uber spokesperson said.

This isn’t the first time an Uber rider has been hit with an insanely large bill after falling asleep in the back of a car.

UK comedian Hannah Warman got the shock of her life when she woke up after a large night out to a staggering £85 Uber fare (around $146 AUD) after she nodded off.

Instead of what should have been a five minute trip home, a sleeping Warman was taken on a one hour and 30 minute scenic route around London.

Don’t sleep and Uber, people. Don’t sleep and Uber.

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