Editor’s Picks: Products to motivate you through the cold of winter.

Amart Sports
Thanks to our brand partner, Amart Sports

Hands up whose health motivation faded the second daylight savings did? *Waves hand enthusiastically*

The past couple of months I’ve traded morning workouts for sleep, healthy food for carbo-loading (no, I’m not training for anything). As Health, Beauty and Style editor, that’s a little awkward to admit. But rather than prepare my over-sized robe for a cold season planted on the couch, I’m taking action.

I need back-up, people. Immediately. And help has come in the form of a motivating, get-off-the-couch artillery of products from Amart Sports. Because sometimes you just need something a little shiny and sexy to force you to get moving.

Celsius Yoga Mat $29.99.

Even if you never make it to a yoga class, I promise you’ll still use a good mat. Because I’m too lazy busy to get to a session, I’ll often roll out my mat while watching TV (Homeland, at the moment) and do squats and lunges, stretches or planks. Five minutes is enough to get my thighs burning and my blood pumping and I haven’t even had to leave the comfort of my living room.

Everlast Authentic Training Gloves in Purple $24.99, save $10 and Everlast Nevatear 3ft Boxing Bag $79.99, save $20.

I’ve always nodded unconvincingly at those people who bang on about boxing being a great workout. After attempting it for about 30 seconds recently, I had to stop and catch my breath. Sold. Having all the gear - the pretty purple gloves, the lovely carry bag - will only help with your motivations levels, too. Promise.

Fitbit Blaze Watch $298, save $31.

From the second you open your blurry eyes in the morning, to the moment you close them at night, this watch has you sorted. It features an alarm, on-screen workouts, can tell you your heart-rate, track your distance and show your calendar notifications. Sadly, it won’t cook you dinner, but I’m sure that’ll come with the next version. It’s a “no excuses” motivator that looks pretty on your wrist.

Proform Sport 7.0 Treadmill $999, save $1000.

My dream has always been to have a treadmill in the house, and now that winter has well and truly turned up to the party, my case for whacking one in the spare room is only getting stronger. This machine has 32 workout apps which means you won’t fall into that dreaded treadmill rut. Plus, the thought of rolling out of bed and sweating it out with no one to view and judge my holey T-shirt is very tempting indeed.

Garmin Vivosmart HR Fitness Band $199, save $30.

If you’re someone wanting to take a baby steps approach to upping your fitness, this is a fabulous way to start. Many experts recommend beginning with a commitment to take more steps during the day. That might mean actually getting up from your desk to talk to a colleague rather than email them (imagine!), or taking the dreaded stairs instead of the lift. This fitness band is that helpful friend who gives you a gentle push when you need it. Displaying steps taken, floors climbed, distance, heart rate and activity intensity, your total steps taken will be higher than usual using this.

What products are you relying on for motivation this winter?