4 gentle exercises that will get your hungover body moving again.

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We know, we know. Your head is probably pounding, your feet are sore from dancing around in heels all night, and the thought of actually leaving your bed right now is just, well, unthinkable. Even more unthinkable? Doing some exercise.

But trust us – if you can manage to kick back the doona and reach for your runners, it can actually make you feel a whole lot better.

Alcohol acts as a depressant which means your brain activity will certainty slow down which is why you wake up feeling quite sluggish. Exercise will help you feel good and release those endorphins. This will get your mood back up and you’ll be back in no time,” says Jay Bruno, NetFit Personal Trainer.

Fortunately we’re not talking about a drown-in-sweat-and-break-your-back kind of workout.

“There’s no need to be breaking any records today — your body will not be firing on all cylinders! Yes, have a little crack and get a good sweat up but there will obviously be a limit on how hard your body will allow you to go,” he says.

Here are four gentle exercises to get that poor body of yours moving.

Watch: We tried the Jungle Body – and loved it. (Post continues after video.)



1. Squats

Don’t go overly heavy with the weight – even body weight can be fine here.

2. Lunges

Again use a light weight and ensure you’re doing a nice controlled movement.

3. Standing Curl and Press

Great for the upper body. Pick a weight slightly less than you would usually go with and focus on squeezing and contracting.

4. Russian Twist

This ab exercise will be a little easier on poor hungover you than a sit up or crunch. Sitting on your bum and holding your knees out, twist your upper body touching your hand on each side. (Post continues after gallery.)

Try doing each exercise for 60 seconds and then repeat once more (or twice if you’re capable!)

However, Bruno warns there are a couple of factors to take into consideration before you go and sweat out your toxins from all those champagnes.

“Make sure you re-hydrate. Although it can sometimes be tricky downing water when your hungover, it is essential that you try,” he says.

It's essential to stay hydrated - and that's with water, not more cocktails this time! Image: iStock.


Also try and have a small healthy meal about an hour or an hour and a half before you start moving. Eggs on a piece of toast or oats and some fresh fruit are easy to stomach and will help restore your energy levels.

And after you've sweated your way through it? Congratulate yourself — a happy and healthy 2016 is already well on its way.

What are your fitness resolutions for 2016?