Two zebras escaped their human captors and caused a ruckus on the streets.

Usually you run away to the circus, but recently a pair of zebras escaped their human captors to run away from a Philadelphia circus.

What a world we’re living in.

In a Jumanji-esque scene, police pursued them through the Philly streets as they made their bid for sweet, sweet freedom.


Sadly, the first zebra was caught after about 20 minutes and the second soon after.

“After attempting to start a real-life game of Jumanji in our fair city, the two wayward zebras were safely taken into custody,” the Philadelphia Police wrote on their Facebook.

“I really need to start tuning into Philadelphia police radio. This must have been hilarious to hear,” on resident commented, to which the genius behind the police’s social media strategy replied with a link to the Benny Hill theme.

They were also cracking gags on Twitter:

Animal activists are rightly miffed that the animals had to be returned to the UniverSoul Circus, but they are confirmed to be unharmed.

Here’s the full NBC news wrap up of how it all went down:

Video via NBC

Better luck next time, zebras!