10 things you must know about your vagina.

Despite the fact that approximately 50 per cent of people have a vagina, we tend to not be very good at talking about them. There’s a great deal of shame and stigma around women’s reproductive organs – which ultimately has a detrimental impact on our sexual health and sexual pleasure.

A 2010 study at the Center for Sexual Health at Indiana University stated that only 26 per cent of women have looked closely at their genitals, and only about half of women aged 26-35 are able to correctly locate their vagina. As a result, a great deal of myths and misinformation exist around the female anatomy. Somehow, I don’t think men are having the same issues.

But we’re here to change all that.

Because once and for all, we need to know whether a tampon can ‘get lost in there.’ We need to bust the myth that sex makes girls ‘loose.’ *shudders*

And we need to know about all the weird and wonderful things our genitals can do.