Why do these celebrities hate Jennifer Lawrence?

So. Much. Shade.

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence became everyone’s imaginary best friend by being totally down-to-earth and hilarious all the time?

Exhibit A)

Exhibit B)

Well, those days are over for some people.

Now, as she walks her dog in the countryside and skips Oscars ceremonies, various celebs have thrown shade on Lawrence – she’s not in The Cool Gang anymore, it seems.

The first traitor person to come out and badmouth JLaw was Jared Leto, back in 2014.

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When he was asked about JLaw’s famous falls on various red carpets and awards ceremony stages, he said: “You know, I’m starting to wonder if this is a bit of an act.”

Jared Leto: JLaw hater. Image via Instagram/JaredLeto.

And now it’s somewhat-still-relevant-we-guess actress Chloe Sevigny’s turn to voice her opinion, and it ain’t good.

She was asked by V Magazine which actors she liked and didn’t like – Angelina Jolie has Sevigny’s approval. JLaw does not.

“Jennifer Lawrence I find annoying,” she said.

“Too crass.”

chloe sevigny
Chloe Sevigny, we politely but firmly disagree. Image via Getty.

Pair these with the five million nasty results returned on Google when you search ‘Everyone hates Jennifer Lawrence’, and we’re sensing there’s a pattern here.

Some of the reasons from The Internet? “She has no eyes” “She face-palmed Emma Watson” and “She’s not a princess”…

…Whatever that means.

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The JLaw haters were also very unhappy that she appeared on a COMEDY SKIT with a COMEDIAN and MADE A JOKE. Too far, Lawrence. Too fucking far.

Screw all the haters. Especially you, Leto.

If you love her like we do, click through this gallery of JLaw’s face.

Are you still a JLaw fan? 

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