Evelyn Miller was born with two vaginas. She only found out when she slept with a gynecologist.

Vaginas come in many different shapes and sizes, and no two are the same. But something that is far less common is having more than one, which is the case for Australian content creator Evelyn Miller.

Evelyn, a TikTok creator and former sex worker, was born with uterus didelphys, an extremely rare medical condition that causes a woman have two uteruses.

In some cases, this can also mean different cervices and even a double vagina. Evelyn had both.

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Despite the 31-year-old being born with the congenital condition, it didn't come to light until 2011 after a gynecologist who also happened to be her client, pointed out that something was different.

"The sexy booking turned into more of a medical exam which was bizarre. He was fascinated, it’s not something professionals come across a lot," she told PerthNow.

The news came as a shock, mainly because Evelyn had slept with over 500 people, and none of them noticed she had two vaginas instead of one. 


"Every time I had sex, it was different," she said.

"It was painful and guys would say it felt like they were hitting a wall. I’d use a tampon and I would still bleed through, but my mum told me I was using them wrong."

After consulting with the professionals and undergoing a medical procedure, doctors discovered that not only did she have two vaginas and two cervixes, but she also had an ovary on each side.


However, Evelyn said her unique anatomy proved useful for her line of work, saying, "'It was really handy for work....certain guys were better for me in a certain side."

"If one vagina needed a break or a time out I could use the other," she told the outlet.

It also ensured that her sex work never seeped into her personal life.

"Having two vaginas helped me separate those two aspects of my life… otherwise, it all just ends up mashed together and having separation is really important to me."

Her husband Tom, who is also an adult content creator, prefers the right side, so it is now reserved for him. The left side was used exclusively for work purposes.

As an optimist, Evelyn has found the silver lining in her condition, though she admits it has its drawbacks.


"The frustrating part is that I’ve got to have two pap smears, two STD checks; and every time I go to a doctor, I have to explain and make them believe me," she said.

Despite facing low fertility odds, the social media star has gone on to have two children with Tom. She explained that, although rare, "I can get pregnant at the same time in both my uteruses and the babies could be three weeks apart."

"Once they worked out that it was possible for me to get pregnant the doctors told me not to have sex in the other one… tape it up or put a sock up there.

"There’s very little research into my condition as it’s so rare, and doctors always ask plenty of questions when it comes up in a medical sense. Ultimately, I’m grateful for all it’s been able to bring me."

Feature Image: Instagram @evelynmiller.has2.

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