Eva Mendes told a big, fat lie to Ellen DeGeneres.

Eva Mendes told a BIG, FAT LIE.

Okay, it’s not that bad. And she had a good reason. But still…

Eva, 40, who has recently had a little baby girl with Ryan Gosling (and yes, we’re still mad at her for doing that), went on the Ellen DeGeneres show in the early days of her pregnancy.

Ellen asked if she was pregnant. Eva flat out lied and denied. And on Wednesday, Ellen called her out on it, when the actress appeared on her talk show post-baby.

“Congratulations, liar!” said Ellen, showing the clip of Eva denying the pregnancy rumours.

“I was so early on and all mums will understand, you’re not supposed to tell anybody during your first, well certainly not the world, in your first trimester! And my mother didn’t even know yet. So that would have been an awkward phone call. ‘Hey mum did you catch Ellen today?’ Um, oops.”

They managed to keep the pregnancy a secret from the public for a whopping seven months.

“I think just early on, we decided it’s going to be very hard for her to have privacy. And we thought this is the first opportunity we can give her to protect her and so then I had a nice calm pregnancy, which I did.”

Eva also shared her baby’s ‘first photo’ – a mock-up of her and Ryan’s faces mashed into one scary baby face.

Wow… baby Esmerelda sure is… different.

Watch the hilarious Ellen video here:


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