Eva Longoria is very mad with one Australian journalist.

Next time you think about taking on Eva Longoria, just don’t. Don’t ever do it.

There are three things we now know about Eva Longoria.

Her eyes blur when reading, she definitely wears glasses, and she is very, very angry at an Australian publication for suggesting the first two things aren’t true.

In a recent “open letter”, Eva Longoria called out Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald on Instagram for suggesting she doesn’t wear glasses but still endorsed Australian eyewear range Specsavers.

Attached to the photos of her sporting glasses, her comment reads:

My open letter to @jennamclarke from the Sydney Morning Herald @smh who “claims” I don’t wear glasses. If you had done your journalistic duty (it’s actually not that hard, a more thorough google job, or one phone call to my camp and they could have provided you any documentation) you would see that I have been wearing READING glasses since May 3, 2013. Long before Specsavers @SpecsaversAustralia called me. As I have mentioned, I was getting my Master’s Degree and realized the words were starting to blur and my eyes felt tired. I went in for an eye test (again on May 3, 2013) and the optometrist said I needed reading glasses and gave me a prescription from which I bought 5 pairs of glasses (again in 2013 and available for you to see). The reason your lazy journalist research of “googling” didn’t turn up more pictures of me on the “red carpet” is because I don’t need glasses to see far, only to READ. So unless you are in bed with me at night, or in the morning at my breakfast table reading the morning newspaper, then you probably wont find a “paparazzi” shot of me. And sorry I haven’t worn glasses on a “red carpet” Jenna, but shockingly I am not usually READING a book on the red carpet! We have plenty of photos to show you of me USING READING GLASSES like when I testified in Congress for Women and Small Business in 2013 (photo attached) as I had to READ some documents in front of me. Also, when I was at a press conference for the Dubai Film Festival in 2014 (2 photos attached from my “extensive” googling) READING from my prepared speech. So next time you want to write an article calling someone “shameful” why don’t you do your research because that is your responsibility as a “journalist” and the Sydney Morning Herald should hold you to that “high” standard even though you are just the Lifestyle journalist. It sounds like maybe you need some glasses yourself. In that case @SpecsaversAustralia has some awesome, stylish glasses available! I recommend the Collette Dinnigan collection!


The comment came after Sydney Morning Herald’s Lifestyle journalist Jenna Clarke wrote an article expressing her frustration at celebrities accepting endorsements for things they rarely, if ever, use.

About Longoria’s endorsements, her article stated, “I decided to investigate further and found myself in some scary places on the net, commonly referred to as Pinterest, and all I could find were two photos of her ever spotted wearing glasses outside the house, oh and the few occasions she was seen looking uncomfortable and unsteady wearing a pair around Sydney this week.”

Clarke continued, “Longoria, who is also a cosmetics ambassador, is a serial offender when it comes to selling out in a not so subtle way. Back in 2012 she was the ambassador for a cat food, which would have been a great brand alignment had she owned a cat.”

As of yet, Clarke nor Sydney Morning Herald have responded to Longoria’s Instagram post.

What we can be fairly sure of though is that all Australian publications will be doing much more vigorous research for all things Longoria in the future.

Message received loud and clear, Eva.

Eva seemed pretty happy with the rest of her trip ‘down under’…

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