Susan Sarandon's daughter fires her nanny after a humiliating sexting mishap.

Actress Eva Amurri Martino, 30, has written a blog post that is part cautionary tale, part lurid gossip column — and I love it.

I’ve previously railed against the “hot nanny wants to steal your man” trope. It’s offensive to nannies, and to husbands.

I have to pay this one though, because this nanny really was trying to get it on with Martino’s husband — and he’s got the texts to prove it.

Here’s what happened:

Martino, who is the daughter of Susan Sarandon, employed a new nanny to care for her daughter Marlowe just three weeks ago.

In a blog post from that time, she described her as “a wonderful woman who is smart, responsible, fun, and caring”.

While Amurri was on a business trip, this new nanny sent a text to her husband, Kyle Martino, about an hour before she was due to arrive for work.

It read: “OMG. Girl, did I mention to you how hot and sex my Boss is. I would love to fuck his brains out ha haah. Too bad he seems not to like thick Latin women with lots to hold on to LOL.”

Eva Amurri Martino, Kyle Martino, and their daughter Eva. Image via Instagram.

Kyle Martino expected an apology, a follow-up text making excuses for the excruciating faux pas — but nothing arrived.

He took his and Eva’s daughter out for breakfast and then returned home just after the time the nanny was expected to arrive for work to catch her peeking out from between the curtains — from their bedroom window.

He left the kid in her care and rushed off to work to escape the awkwardness, but couldn’t shake what had happened from his mind, so he decided to go home and confront the nanny — and record it.


During this confrontation it became clear that the text had not been a mistake.

She told Martino she was “just messing around with a friend” and “didn’t mean any harm.” Martino fired the nanny and she went without a fight.

Susan Sarandon with her daughter Eva Amurri. Image via Instagram.

Meanwhile, Eva Amurri Martino was on her way home from the airport in an Uber, positively fuming.

I felt a lot of things as I listened to this. I felt anger, I felt pride in my husband for being so loyal (and smart) and handling it well, and I felt a huge betrayal also. How dare this person, who we were paying very generously to care for our young daughter– how dare she use her time with my child, in my HOME, to plot out a way to screw my husband and screw up my family!

That is a good question, Eva.

Martino is the founder of a blog called Happily Eva After (see what she did there?) on which she blogs about her “active, holistic, and healthy lifestyle” and takes pictures of herself wearing clothes that you can buy.

She’s now seeking another nanny.

Watch her talking about her daughter Marlowe… 

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