We've found the perfect new role for our 81-year-old "bullshit" hero.

On Monday night’s episode of Q&A, a 90-year-old man faced the panel and asked why politicians can’t seem to agree on legalising euthanasia.

Speaking on behalf of himself and his wife Patricia, Ron Fellows said, “we have decided that we will not go in to any kind of aged care facility”.

“And if the time comes where we can’t take care of ourselves, we will look for some form of euthanasia. We have told our children about our wishes.”

Professor Margaret Somerville responded to his question, saying she believes euthanasia is a “very bad idea,” and “one person killing another person is wrong”.

But Patricia Fellows had a big issue with the term ‘killing’. “I’m not asking Ron to kill me. I will do it myself,” she said. “That’s up to me, and it’s got nothing to do with the community.”

When Somerville instantly responded “how you die does have to do with the community,” Patricia had only one response.


Host Tony Jones described her outburst as “somehow quite refreshing,” and clearly a great many people felt the same. The following night, Patricia and Ron appeared on The Project, speaking about euthanasia as well as Patricia’s ‘passionate’ moment on Q&A. 

Image via Channel 10.

When asked whether it was a shock for Patricia's kids to hear her swear on national television, she responded "no" without hesitation. In fact, she said she was "absolutely astounded" with the response to her use of the term.

The issue of euthanasia is complex and inevitably met with fierce debate - but it was Patricia's blunt and unapologetic response that said what so many of us want to say to people we watch on our television screens. Especially in recent times.

Donald Trump.

Sean Spicer.

Anthony from Married at First Sight. 

We're sick of poor arguments. And being spoken down to. And feeling like we're being fed complete and utter bullsh*t.

We're also sick of having to respond calmly and eloquently to arguments we find personally offensive. Whether they're homophobic, sexist, racist, or question our own autonomy over our life or death.

Patricia said what we've all wanted to say countless times. And perhaps we need to say it more often - because it certainly got people's attention.

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