Man accused of vandalising Eurydice Dixon's memorial with offensive graffiti has been named.

The man who allegedly painted offensive graffiti across the place Eurydice Dixon was raped and murdered was not a stupid, reckless teenager.

No, the man who police say plunged to inexplicable lows is 31 years old. His name is Andrew Nolch and, according to a report from The Age, like Ms Dixon, he is a budding comedian.

In fact, Andrew Nolch – now charged with criminal damage, offensive behaviour and marking offensive graffiti – is known to friends of the 22-year-old whose life was so cruelly taken away.

Mr Nolch reportedly hosts two podcasts; one about conspiracy theories, the other about Scientology, and after the infamous rape and murder in June, wrote on social media about the damage apparently done to men.

“The mainstream media is running a brainwashing program which is designed to make everyone think that males are bad,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“It’s like they are making a war of the sexes or something, maybe divide and conquer, but it really does seem like its working and women are angry with men which is ill founded.”

In another post about the tragedy at Princes Park, he wrote: “How dare feminists blame men when there are so many other more obvious reasons why it happened!”

Other posts on Mr Nolch’s social media pages discuss government mind control, “man hating”, and the supposed damage inflicted by “lefty radio station” ABC.

Mr Nolch was bailed by police and will face trial in August.