PSA: There's an airline selling $300 flights to Europe, yes really. GO!

Don’t know about you, but we’ve often dreamed of a time…in the future…when flights to the other side of the world don’t cost ALL THE MONEY.

Surely, as technology improves and society evolves – we’ll get better at this whole flying thing and price to fly thing. Right?

So we nearly choked on our morning coffee when we saw this deal pop up….$300 flights to Europe?!

That’s crazy cheap.

Like. Crazy.

Is the future here??

If you need more of a reason to book a holiday, or want some stats to show your boss. Watch this. Post continues after video.

Scoot has launched its “Deal of the Decade” sale, and bravo Scoot that is a bloody deal of the decade.

Fares from Perth to Athens start at $299.

From the east coast – Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne – it starts at $309.

Yes, they aren’t in peak peak  season. But they’re not bad!

For the Perth to Athens flights for example, there are three dates for that price:

Friday, May 10

Wednesday, May 15

Monday, May 27

To give you a comparison, for that May 10 date here is what the other airlines are selling that route for:

Qantas: $1087

Emirates: $1305


Singapore Airlines: $984

Qatar: $676

The Scoot fares don’t include checked luggage or food – but they do include up to 10kg of carry-on luggage.

We also checked the Sydney to Athens route, here are the dates we found for super cheap:

Tuesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 8

Friday, May 10

Tuesday, May 14

Monday, May 27

You’ll find similar dates for other east coast cities, but be quick. We noticed they’re being snapped up QUICK.

Sydney Scoot
Here is how you can check and compare - this is the Sydney to Athens route.

On another note, we also noticed flights from Perth to Singapore are going for $119 thanks to this deal. That's cheaper than a slightly fancy dinner for two?!

The deal is only on until Friday 28th. Consider this your Public Service Announcement. GO GO GO!

**Entire Mamamia office applies for leave in May...awkward***

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