A private living room and a shower: Inside the most expensive plane seat in the world.

I think we can all agree that long haul flights… suck.

From limited legroom to the struggle of trying to get to sleep to the, erm, interesting in-flight meals, it’s never a fun time.

Well, unless you’ve got $100,000 to spare.

US YouTuber Casey Neistat recently had the chance to fly from Abu Dhabi to New York on Etihad’s A380 The Residence, which happens to be the world’s most expensive plane ticket at AU$99,500.

Watch a snippet from Casey Neistat’s YouTube video below. Post continues after video.

Posting a video of his experience to YouTube last week, the 38-year-old described the airline seat as “borderline ridiculous”.

And honestly, he’s not wrong.

The private, indulgent plane seat, which is located at the pointy end of the plane, includes a living room with a two-seat sofa, a bedroom, a full bathroom with a shower, a personal butler and more.

In his video about the plane seat, Neistat shared his entire experience on the 14-hour flight, which began when the entrepreneur was delivered a personalised, signed message from the pilot.

etihad residence cost
A signed message from the pilot. Image: YouTube.

Upon his arrival at The Residence, Neistat was given a WiFi voucher, pyjamas, a lounge-wear robe, and noise-cancelling headphones... which is a bit of a step up from the usual eye mask and vomit bag.

In the airplane seat's living room, which some viewers have described as "nicer than their homes", Neistat had a fully reclining couch, a footrest, a huge TV, a well-stocked fridge and endless amounts of legroom.

etihad residence cost
There's an entire living room... Image: YouTube.
etihad residence cost
SO. MUCH. LEG. ROOM. Image: YouTube.
etihad residence cost
Image: YouTube.
etihad residence cost
Every seat needs this... Image: YouTube.

Down the hallway (yes, this plane seat has a hallway), Neistat had a private, spacious bedroom with yet another TV... which seems entirely unnecessary, but okay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The best part of all, however, was the private bathroom.

In fact, the money almost seems worth it when you see it.

etihad residence cost
It's... bigger than my bathroom. Image: YouTube.

The private bathroom includes a fully functioning shower with hot water, a private toilet, luxury toiletries and a hairdryer.


"An airplane bathroom is usually the grossest place on the whole plane. It's basically a flying Porta Potty," Neistat said.

"With this seat, you get a private bathroom. You don't have to share this bathroom with anyone," he added.

"If you wanted to use the toilet with the door open, you definitely could."

etihad residence cost
Image: YouTube.

As for the meal service in The Residence, it's pretty impressive.

During his flight, Neistat was served four courses by a butler including a starter, a main course, a passionfruit palate cleaner and another main course.

"There are two things that you never really get when flying on an airplane, and that's space and privacy," Neistat said. "And this flight had a borderline ridiculous amount of both of those things."

Yep, we'll take one ticket, please.

Feature Image: YouTube.

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