Would you rather go naked than wear... roadkill?



Wearing fur is not a good look. Even if you can afford it (we can’t) draping yourself in the pelt of a dead animal that was bred and died for your fashion choices is a pretty indefensible position for many. Got that, North West?

But what this designer is doing with material that would otherwise be abandoned by the roadside? Well, we’re waivering.

Have a look:

Raccoon trim gloves in alpaca wool (image via @petitemortethicalfur Instagram)

Pamela Paquin, 39 is an US-based ethical fashion designer. And she uses fur. But her fur comes from under your tyres. That’s right, roadkill.

Her company – called Petite Mort – makes everything using the fur from animals that are killed on the side of the road. The Highway Department and Animal Control who are able to collect the road kill supply the company with most of it.

The animals are still skinned (remember they have already had their fate sealed on the side of a busy road) – they are then frozen and taken to a taxidermist. Finally the fur is tanned and sewed (this can take up to 20 hours of hand made labour).

And the most unique part – everything that’s created has a badge that tells you what type of animal was involved and a certification declaring that the animal was made from road kill.


Neck fashion (Image via @petitemortethicalfur Instagram)

The Boston Massachusetts designer has told the Daily Mail that she believes the range will be popular for those against killing animals purely for their fashion use.

“I’ve always loved animals,” she said. “There’s a lot of roadkill in America – a lot more cars and a lot more animals than many other countries.”

Each piece costs an average of $1000  (we still can’t afford it), and despite Pamela’s ethical stance, not everyone is a fan.

Fur hat (Image via @petitemortethicalfur  Instagram)

The anti-fur community – who Pamela thought she was working alongside – say they’re worried that any fur in the fashion world is promoting and encouraging more fur – probably less ethically made.

But there have been a lot of positive responses too.

“People are mainly grateful somebody is doing something respectful with animals,” Pamela told the Daily Mail.

What no-one’s saying is… Would you wear roadkill on your head?

What are your thoughts on the ethical fur fashion range?

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