ROADTEST: "Bioderma's sister brand, Etat Pur, has just landed in Australia. Here's my honest review."

Etat Pur
Thanks to our brand partner, Etat Pur

Cue excitement explosion. Vegan, clean skincare brand, Etat Pur has officially launched in Australia and I had the pleasure of putting it to the test.        

Prior to trialling Etat Pur, I wanted to dissect the French beauty brand, and essentially know what all the fuss is about.   

Here's exactly what I learned.  

Founder and pharmacist-biologist, Jean-Noël Thorel has shaken up the skincare world by incorporating a mix of dermatologically-approved and optimal doses of ingredients into results-driven products. Backed by science, Etat Pur is making a sincere commitment to being 100% transparent when it comes to all that's inside their products. 

Even though Etat Pur is new to Australian shelves, the brand (who also create Bioderma!) prides itself on their incredible 40 years of experience. They're all about minimalism in skincare, to provide maximum benefits with biomimetic ingredients that helps people deliver their skin what it actually needs (in the right amount); think of Etat Pur as a ridiculously helpful tour guide for your skin health.  

As a beauty lover, we'd all know that the beauty (and skincare) space is pretty crowded, and figuring out what's worth our time (and worth taking residence on our face!) can be pretty confusing and tiresome. 

Etat Pur definitely simplifies this. 

The brand has carefully researched and selected only 150 out of 30,000 ingredients that are available to the beauty industry to use in their own products. So they're very serious about just inviting the VIP ingredients on their list to join their skincare party, in order to have our skin's ecosystem thrive. I have to say, I'm majorly impressed at the less-is-more approach. 

So how did my Etat Pur products actually stack up?

Now, to give an authentic review, long-term use of the products is very important to note. I trialled the Purifying Cleansing Gel, Pure Active Salicylic Acid 2% and Light Moisturising Cream for 4 consecutive weeks to judge my actual results as realistically as possible.  

Image: Supplied.


My combination skin prior to using Etat Pur was experiencing some random cheek pimples and congestion, which made for the perfect trial base. 

Before skin. Image: Supplied.

I started cleansing day and night with the Purifying Cleansing Gel, which is formulated with Copper Gluconate to purify and regulate oil production. 

My combination skin admired the refreshing scent paired with the enticing gel texture. It also appreciated waking up and going to bed with thoroughly cleansed, yet non-stripped skin. 

Image: Supplied.


This cleanser was perfect for my stubborn congested and inflamed areas, thanks to the peptide Carnosine, which also delivers antioxidant benefits to the skin. In full transparency, there’s really only good news with this cleanser. 

My skin never felt irritated or craving moisture; it always left the shower balanced and ready for the post-cleanse ritual. Formulated without soap or alcohol, I firmly trust and believe this cleanser to be a fabulous match for combination to oily skin types. 

After skin using Etat Pur. Image: Supplied.


Next up, the Pure Active Salicylic Acid 2%. A concentrated serum-y formula boasting 2% salicylic acid, also known in beauty circles as a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), to target congestion and pimples that need a bit of extra help. 

Think of Salicylic Acid as the hero that casually unglues the bonds of the skin to decongest the pore. I used this most evenings, especially when I experienced a cluster of breakouts on the usual cheek, chin and forehead area, and I can confirm that this sped up the whole process. 

After about 3-4 days my new rent-free roommates (pimple clusters) started to pack their bags and leave. The formula itself is lightweight, so combination/oily to breakout-prone people, this might just be your thing. 

Image: Supplied.

And to conclude the Etat Pur skincare experience, I would hydrate my skin every morning with the Light Moisturising Cream. 

I’m the kind of girl who will moisturise prior to sunscreen; so a thick creamy hydrator underneath SPF just isn’t going to cut it. Plus did I mention pesky pilling? Major frustration. So with that concern, you can imagine the thrill I felt when I layered the Light Moisturising Cream under my sunscreen and discovered zero pilling, and only pure hydrating comfort. 


Image: Supplied.

Even though the texture is creamy, it melts into the skin with ease whilst softening, and it has the power of vegetable oils to thank. Sunflower, Soy and Olive oil preserve and protect the skins barrier whilst Vegetable Glycerin naturally hydrates and restores moisture so healthy skin can thrive. 

I noticed zero oil residue and my combination skin felt hydrated with zero greasy vibes all day long. Big tick. 

After skin using Etat Pur. Image: Supplied.


There’s just something so comforting about a skincare brand that genuinely wants the best for your skin’s health. My Etat Pur experience reminded me of the need for simple yet effective skincare in the beauty sphere. 

After skin using Etat Pur. Image: Supplied.

The intentional nature behind each product is what makes this brand a stand out. It’s not here to over-saturate our skin with chaos, rather, its formulations are built to prolong health and target concerns. 

And really, that’s all I could ever ask for. 

Etat Pur is on a mission to provide accessible solutions with easy product ranges suited to skin types, I can confirm: mission most definitely accomplished.

Etat Pur has just landed in Australia, and is the skincare your skin truly needs. Nothing more. Nothing less. Shop it online here.

Feature Image: Supplied/Instagram @ruchipage

Etat Pur
Etat Pur is the skincare your skin truly needs. Nothing more. Nothing less. Etat Pur is the solution for healthy skin, the brand goes right back to the origins of cosmetic formulation, with two distinct product ranges: Pure Actives are for targeted treatments, of localised skin issues and Biomimetic Pure Skincare to cleanse and moisturise. By separating Pure actives and Pure skincare, we can target specific skin problems to consistently achieve pure, healthy skin.