TRIED & TESTED: Everything you need to know about Estée Lauder's new hybrid foundation.

Estee Lauder
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Being a beauty editor means I get to put a lot of products to the test. Hundreds every single year, actually. And while I try not to play favourites, road-testing new foundations is so enjoyable because I am such a harsh critic. It means many, many formulas don’t impress me but when they do, it’s something to get excited about.       

For the past three to four weeks I've been tasked with trying the new Estée Lauder Double Wear Sheer Long-Wear Makeup SPF20. It may sound familiar because the Estée Lauder Double Wear original formula has bonafide cult-status in the makeup world.

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The original is so lovely – long wearing, medium coverage and with a soft matte finish, it’s hard to beat. Though these days I am finding I am after a little less coverage and a bit more glow for day to day wear, so Double Wear Sheer piqued my interest. I think that desire is both pandemic related, but also when it comes to trends we are seeing more sheer, ‘real skin’ makeup is definitely having a moment.

Let’s take a look at the formula. I’m calling it a foundation hybrid because there’s so many impressive skincare elements to it that it is certainly not your traditional foundation. The skin-loving liquid is enriched with vitamin E as well as hyaluronic acid, and there’s the added bonus of SPF20 in there, too. It comes in 27 shades, and I wear shade 3N1 Ivory Beige.

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The first time I applied it I noticed how fluid it was – the runny texture means it's so, so easy to blend. I worked into the areas around the nose and mouth, where I naturally need the most coverage. I used my fingers at first and then a damp beauty blender to sheer it out even at the edges of my face. It’s really easy to apply and you have a lot of time to work with it, so it's ace for any level of makeup skill. 

That particular day I first tried it was one of my ‘mum days’, so running errands and playing at the park with my son. I applied my skincare and sunscreen, then this foundation and nothing else - no eye makeup and no blush or bronzer. I remember on that day I posted a picture to Instagram Stories and received so many lovely replies about how glowy I looked – because it truly just looked like my skin was having a very good day. 

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In the days following I wore it with various bronzers, blushes and highlighters on top and was so pleased to find out it layers beautifully with other products. It also doesn't pill over any of my skincare which is fantastic. 

I have to admit I was dubious as to its staying power. The original formula is so good in that regard and as a busy woman, I really need my foundation to go the distance. When I saw how glowy and radiant my skin looked after applying Double Wear Sheer, I thought surely it would have disappeared from my face by 3pm, but I was wrong. While still being light and breathable, it absolutely stayed in place all day – my cotton pads I used to remove it at nighttime were testament to that. It also didn't transfer at all when I touched my face or my toddler hugged me. 

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The coverage isn't as heavy as the original formula, however the sheer formula still does a really impressive job at blurring and diffusing imperfections to give your face a more uniform appearance. It’s buildable, too – so you can go really sheer or work it up to a light-to medium coverage.

Because of the clever ingredients in the formula it’s actually great on all skin types. It adds moisture where skin is dry, and at the same time it keeps oil in check where needed, leaving a beautifully natural, fresh sheer finish. The formula is also non acnegenic, so it wears really well without upsetting skin under a face mask – a strange new criteria we need our makeup to pass these days! Basically, this little bottle is ticking a lot of boxes.

Every time I have worn it I have had so many lovely comments on my skin. I love that because people aren't saying my makeup looks nice – they think my skin looks healthy... and THAT is the impressive difference.

Double Wear Original is the number one foundation in Australia, and globally (which is so damn impressive!) so I am excited to see its new, Sheer sister join those ranks very soon. I've been doing this for nearly 20 years and I’d bet money on it. 

Oh, and one of the best bits is that it’s only $60, a very good price point for a product of this calibre. 

Get your hands on the new Estée Lauder Double Wear Sheer Long-Wear Makeup SPF20 here.

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Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder has made Double Wear more sheer, so you can look more you. The NEW Double Wear Sheer Makeup SPF20 enhances skin with lightweight, real-skin finish. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients Vitamin E + Hyaluronic acid, this innovative formula enhances skin with enough coverage to let skin’s natural beauty show with, protection from sun, pollution and blue light. The innovative formula adds moisture where skin is dry and keeps oil in check where needed with 12H longwear, leaving a beautifully natural, fresh sheer finish. Available in 27 adaptable shades. Stays colour true. Resists sweat and humidity. It’s makeup for real life.