An Aussie actress is going to play Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones next season.

Winter is coming.

Miss Phryne Fisher is one of the great characters of Australian literature, brought to flirtatious life by the enigmatic Essie Davis, 45.

The only thing more exciting than a new series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries:

Essie Davis on Game of Thrones.

Essie Davis as amateur detective Phryne Fisher.

Everyone freak out!

OK, now everyone just calm the hell down and let me finish!

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed: the divine Ms Davis (The Slap, The Babadook, The Matrix) will be joining the cast for season six in the role of Cersei Lannister.


Seems legit.

It’s true! In a manner of speaking, anyway.

See, Davis’ role is as a part of a travelling theatre troupe, and her specialty is performing as the incestuous queen mother who is played to perfection by Lena Headey, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Independent reports that Davis plays an actor from Braavos who performs in a satirical play called The Bloody Hand that makes fun of the intrigues of Westeros. The casting notes say this of Davis’ character: “In her early 40s, she’s an elegant actress with a travelling theatre company. Fun, charismatic, rum-drinking actress in the troupe.”

Cersei will not be pleased.

One of Essie Davis’s many talents is being able to look hot with any hair cut and colour.

There are a bunch of other actors joining the cast, including Freddie Stroma, Ian McShane and Max von Sydow. I have never heard of any of them, but I have heard of RICHARD E GRANT.

He’s is so perfect for Game of Thrones I can’t stand it.

Essie and Richard forever!

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