Editor’s Picks: The exercise wardrobe wish list.

Whether you’re a Pilates devotee, a running fiend or a boxing buff, exercise is something that should make you feel good and feel powerful.

One of the factors that influences the way you feel when you work out is what you wear. Something as simple as a snug pair of tights or the right pair of shoes can give you the confidence you need to train hard.

With this in mind, Adidas has just launched its ‘I Got This’ campaign, with the aim of enabling every woman to be active and healthy all year ‘round, regardless of how she likes to train or her ability level.

The brand’s Spring/Summer ’16 collection is full of high-performance fitness staples in supportive fits and clever fabrics – let’s have a look at some of the items to keep your eyes peeled for (and stick on your wish list).

1. Ultra Boost runner (black/grey)

Regardless of whether your running style resembles that of Usain Bolt or Phoebe from Friends (read: zig-zagging with madly flailing arms), your choice of shoe can mean the difference between feet that feel great and feet that feel very, very sore.

A runner that’s simultaneously light and cushiony yet strong and supportive is your golden ticket – and harder to find than it sounds. Well, the Ultra Boost manages to tick all those boxes.  The cherry on top is the Primeknit upper, which feels a bit like crochet and will actually expand with your foot while you’re running. Farewell, toe blisters.

Image: supplied.

2.Typo Racer-Back bra

Sports bras: how can one simple garment cause so much grief? We’ve all got horror stories of straps digging in mid-gym class or designs that never really deliver on their big support claims.

Adidas took on feedback from female athletes when creating the fit and comfort of their Racer-Back bras, so that’s a very good start. This design can withstand high-impact training – meaning you can go hard, confident in the knowledge that everything’s under control - and will be great in summer thanks to its ventilation mesh. And the ‘Typo’ design? Super cute.

Image: supplied.

3. ¾ AOP tights

Any woman worth her activewear knows the importance of a good pair of tights (even in those moments when she’s, um, not actually exercising). Really, it all comes down to a snug fit with good stretch, and a material that doesn’t expose the colour of your underwear mid-stretch. Is that too much to ask for?

A bold design doesn’t hurt, either. I’m loving the monochrome Typo print of these AOP tights, and the three quarter length means they’re suitable for year-round workouts.

Image: supplied.

4. Climachill T-shirt

Summer is upon us, and that means your workouts are about to get much, much warmer. FYI, emptying the contents of your water bottle over your head isn’t your only option for overcoming the heat – this simple T-shirt can also help you out.

Climachill is the name of Adidas’ breathable, mesh-like fabric, which is designed to keep you cool and comfortable regardless of the weather. This means you can really focus on your yoga poses or push-ups instead of mentally willing the temperature to drop.

Image: supplied.

5. Techfit Chill tights

There are several reasons why women love to work out in tights, but the feeling of being ‘hugged’ – even when you’re running or jumping or training your heart out – has to rank highly. There’s something comforting and confidence boosting about feeling that constant support and pressure around your body.

These Techfit tights take that ‘compression’ feeling one step further, with a material that’s lightweight yet incredibly snug. To top that off, it’ll keep you cool. A very good warm weather option.

Image: supplied.

6. Climachill Crop

Let’s just put it out there: things get pretty hot and bothered around the chest area when you exercise. That’s perfectly natural and normal (after all, perspiration is a sign that you’re working, right?). Having said that, it would be nice if our workout gear worked with us, and not against us, when the going gets sweaty.

This crop top is made with Adidas’ mesh-like Climachill material which works to draw heat away from you and make you feel good while you work out.

Image: supplied.

7.Techfit Crop

Stretchy? Check. Snug? Check. A crop top that feels as good as it looks is like the exercise Holy Grail but this design right here hits the mark.

Image: supplied.

What's your favourite workout clothing item?