"My skin has sucked this year. So I tried the vegan serum influencers are raving about."

Esmi Skin Minerals
Thanks to our brand partner, Esmi Skin Minerals

In 2020, it feels like everything is completely out of control...including my face.

There is a shared feeling among my friends right now that our skin sucks just as much as 2020 has, whether it be dealing with 'maskne' or overloading our faces with too many ingredients to try feel 'in control'.

Case in point: my skin. It’s usually pretty good, but my skin concerns fall mainly into three categories: dryness/dehydration, dullness (gimme that glow), and I get these cystic bad boys that live on my face for MINIMUM four weeks at a time (they should really pay rent).

My pimples have really stepped it up and brought their A-game in 2020, and I put it down to the stress of living through you know, A PANDEMIC, and also - as important as they are of course - masks, as they create the perfect environment for my chin pimples to thrive.

Hello, Occupier of My Face. Image: Supplied

So for the past week I have been trialling the esmi Skin Minerals Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum (RRP $65/30ml), and let me tell you, I am a dewy queen right now.

A bit about esmi: it's an Australian made, vegan, cruelty-free brand that abides by the mantra of 'less is more', and it's become a hit with influencers and all-round legends like women's world number one tennis champ Ash Barty, who is their brand ambassador (talk about good company to keep).

This serum is the most popular product in the entire esmi Skin Minerals range, so I hoped it could help tame the beast that is my skin in 2020. It promises to fight "dehydration to help plump skin, minimise lines, and boost radiance", whatever your skin type.

So, here's my road test.

Firstly, the bottle is very clever. I love serums, and this has to be the greatest packaging yet. The bottle is designed to get every last drop, and you basically can’t spill the product. I don’t quite know how they’ve done it, but if the dropper is in the bottle, even if you haven’t closed it, it will not spill. 

Now that is pure genius because I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched dollars drip down the drain due to me being clumsy with my slippery serum hands.

Image: Supplied.

Let's talk about the texture - the product is thick and luxurious. When you drop it on your skin, it won’t quickly roll down your face, it will wait patiently for you to massage it into the skin and that just feels like a whole level of luxury I haven’t experienced before in a serum. I apply it to damp skin after cleansing, and it just gives my skin this supple bounce and hydration. Then I leave it to absorb for a few minutes before topping it off with my moisturiser, and just like that...I am glowing.

Hello Glow. Image: Supplied.

There’s no fragrance, which is exactly how I like my skincare products. And not only is it full of hyaluronic acid, which gives you an instant boost of hydration, it also has Niacinamide B3, which is famous for helping with acne.

Also - there is no pilling under makeup. I applied my usual full face of products and it sat so nicely underneath, creating the perfect hydrated base.

After a week of using this cruelty-free serum, my skin feels so much more hydrated, I feel like I’ve got a noticeable glow going, and my pimples are settling down. 

On the bottle, it says ‘skin treat’ and I have to agree. This product feels like such a luxury in my daily skincare routine and I can’t wait to continue incorporating this serum into my daily self-care, because we simply can’t get enough of that in 2020.

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Have you tried esmi? Let us know below.

Esmi Skin Minerals
At esmi Skin Minerals, we are passionate and motivated about self-care and skincare. We are proud to introduce our best-selling, vegan, cruelty-free and Australian Made makeup and skincare range that leaves a softer imprint on your body and the natural world. All esmi Skin Minerals products are formulated with ingredients carefully chosen for their benefits and purpose with no compromise on quality. We are committed to a healthy skin regimen with a less-is-more approach (no harsh chemicals, parabens, SLSs or fillers!) that still contains high levels of actives, antioxidants and vitamins, for environmentally conscious skincare that delivers results. It is our passion to feed your skin with clean, nourishing formulas and highlight your own natural beauty.