ROADTEST: 3 women try the new moisturiser range that targets different skin concerns.

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Finding skincare – let alone the perfect moisturiser – that suits your skin's needs is no mean feat.  

With so many beauty brands on the market and so many products in each, it can take time, researching and trialling, to find what works for you. 

esmi Skin Minerals has taken the difficulty out of shopping moisturisers, releasing a new range of moisturisers for various skin concerns. So, it's as simple as choosing the one that suits you.

Oily? There’s a moisturiser for you. Dull? They've got you covered there, too.

The range consists of seven clean and conscious moisturisers containing active ingredients to deliver the best results. They are all Aussie-made, vegan, cruelty free and pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly.

Taking it one step further, the brand has created two types of moisturisers in the range – Hydra-Fluids and Creams – depending on your preferred consistency.

Hydra-Fluid is a weightless moisturising fluid that provides lightweight nourishment for those with oily or breakout-prone skin. While the Cream is nourishing and cream-based, aimed at those with dryer skin or for evening use. 

Plus, you can mix and match Hydra-Fluid with Cream, it's completely up to you!

Here, three women with different skin concerns, including myself, trial esmi's new moisturiser range, to get an idea on how they perform for three different skin types.

Here are our honest thoughts.


I've had oily skin for as long as I can remember. I get that 3pm oil slick across my T-zone and tend to steer clear of anything that claims "glowy" or "dewy" skin – my face does that for me!

Even after all these years with this skin type, I'm still on the lookout for the perfect moisturiser – it's hard to find something that not only keeps that oil at bay, but keeps my face hydrated, too. 

When I heard esmi had released a new moisturiser for oily skin – the Detox Hydra-Fluid – I knew I had to try it. The beauty experts in my team rave about esmi's products.

Esmi Detox Hydra-Fluid. Image: Supplied.


Detox Hydra-Fluid is a weightless moisturiser with a gel consistency that provides lightweight nourishment to the skin. It's not thick or heavy once applied (tick) and provides all-day hydration (double tick).

It includes lactic acid to increase cell turnover to leave skin smooth and soft, carrot root extract to promote cell rejuvenation and antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory red algae extract to hydrate.

After using it for over a week, morning and night, I noticed a considerable difference in my skin – no afternoon shine and no dryness either. It also sits beautifully underneath makeup.

Plus, as someone who gets the occasional pimple and struggles with blackheads, this worked wonders. Everything feels ~balanced~ and the redness around my nose has almost completely disappeared.

Image: Supplied.

And if you're curious about the colour (I was too) it's charcoal! After applying it, it fades away completely, and the product melts beautifully into the skin.


As it gets colder, I'll probably add in one of esmi's Cream moisturisers for the evening, but this is honestly the best daytime moisturiser for oily skin I've tried to date.


My biggest skin struggle has always been how pink and puffy my face is. 

While hormonal pimples removed themselves from the picture as I transitioned from teenager to adult, I have never quite been able to get rid of my irritated red skin that makes going makeup-free quite a difficult feat. 

I was so pleased to be introduced to esmi’s Anti-Redness Hydra-Fluid. My godsend. 

Esmi Anti-Redness Hydra-Fluid. Image: Supplied.

Of course, I was sceptical at first. I find most anti-redness products to be pretty nourishing, but not very helpful in calming my inflammation.

So when I got the opportunity to try esmi’s Hydra-Fluid, I was quick to jump on it, but I still had my reservations. How does a moisturiser actually reduce redness? 

After a week of putting a small, pea-sized amount on my face and décolletage every night, I was converted *forever*. My skin glowed in the mornings and I woke up with a face that looked fresh and hydrated. A eureka moment.

It’s because of the incredible ingredients that go into making the Anti-Redness Hydra-Fluid pure and simply, a very good product. 

It contains the plant extract centella asiatica, which assists in repairing damaged, irritated skin and regulating oil production. 

It’s also combined with tasmannia lanceolata (fruit/leaf extract) and liquorice root extract – to help ease any inflammation and brighten the skin for any post-pigmentation. The liquorice root extract is also where the delicious minty-like scent comes from.  


This Hydra-Fluid can be used morning and evening, however if my skin is feeling particularly dry, I’ll use the esmi Nourishing Moisturiser a few nights a week too. The differences in my skin has been a hot topic in our household, with my housemates going as far as to steal anything esmi from my bathroom!

Esmi Nourishing Moisturiser. Image: Supplied.

The Nourishing Moisturiser is that extra necessary boost to the skin that has kept my face looking fantastic. 

To boost elasticity to the skin, the product is infused with 24k gold flakes, cocoa seed butter, shea butter and panthenol (a fancy word for Vitamin B5). I’ve found my skin looks so... nourished!

Any dullness, dryness or redness has completely removed itself from the picture. I've seen such an improvement in my skin from these two products. Thank goodness.

Image: Supplied.


All in all, I’ve felt a helluva lot more confident in my skin. So much so that I’ve honestly given the foundation a rest for the foreseeable future.


I was first introduced to esmi a year ago through my good friend Jess, who raved about how their products completely transformed her skin. 

Having very dry, acne-prone skin, I decided to trial their Uncomplicated Cleanser and instantly fell in love. 

Fast forward to this month and I’ve been lucky enough to road test their new range of moisturisers formulated to address those big skin issues.

On top of having acne-prone skin, this time of year means my face constantly feels dry and dull; so, I knew if I was going to try any products from the range, it had to be the Hydrating Hydra-Fluid paired with the Brightening Moisturiser.

Esmi Hydrating Hydra-Fluid and Brightening Moisturiser. Image: Supplied.

The ultra-lightweight Hydrating Hydra-Fluid is packed with nourishing ingredients including hyaluronic acid, squalane, blue tansy and butterfly pea extract which work together to soothe inflamed skin and lock in moisture. 


After two weeks of trialling this product, I was left with a soft, dewy complexion that didn’t just look hydrated, it felt hydrated. 

Image: Supplied.

The Brightening Moisturiser did exactly what it claimed to do, giving me that bright, glowy appearance I always strive to have. 

With acne-prone skin, comes acne scarring which tends to cause hyperpigmentation around my cheeks so this moisturiser was definitely a treat to incorporate into my evening routine to assist with evening out skin tone.

With powerful ingredients like niacinamide, maracuja oil and kakadu plum, after two weeks, my skin looked radiant and felt rejuvenated.  

I’m excited to continue using these two products and continue to see results in my texture and complexion.

Which esmi moisturiser will you be trying? Let us know in the comments.

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