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Gwyneth has slept with 10,000 men, but she's never been in love.




Gwyneth Montenegro is something of a celebrity in her hometown of Melbourne.

She was once a high-class escort who charged between $500-$1000 per hour for sex with businessmen, musicians and politicians.

But now? In her own words, she’s ready to settle down and find love.

“I’ve never really experienced what you’d consider true love or what it’s like to be totally in love,” says Gwyneth.

Gwyneth Montenegro. Image via Twitter.


Gwyneth has written a book based on the number of men she has slept with in her professional career.

The number? 10,091, to be exact.

As an escort, she was averaging sex with 70 men each month. Approximately 2.3 every day.

Gwyneth has said she was physically abused as a child, and raped at an early age, and was never ready to settle down when she was still an escort, as she didn’t believe it was appropriate to a have a relationship at the same time.

Gwyneth. Image via Facebook.

“My parents didn’t get married until their late 30s and they have been married for 33 years,” she told Daily Mail Australia.


“Mum joked that she thought I would have had enough of men by now.”

She believes the 12 years she spent as an escort has given her insight  into what men really want.

“Clients would confide in me about the good and bad parts of their relationship. I feel I have a deeper understanding of men than ever before.”

Gwyneth. Image via Facebook.

According to Gwyneth, her life story is in talks to be created into a movie by a “very famous” Hollywood producer.

“I can’t say at the moment but everyone would know who she is – it is most likely going to happen,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“It’s quite a long process but we should know this month or the next.”

Gwyneth has written a book called 10,000 Men And Counting (post continues after video):

She revealed her former life as a escort was full of “cocaine, speed and champagne”, but she gave it all up to be a pilot. Her book, 10,000 Men and Counting, was released earlier this year and became hugely successful, garnering over 80 marriage proposals after Daily Mail Australia did a write up of the book.

Gwyneth has not yet confirmed if she will take and of these men up of their offers.

Do you think it’s possible to reinvent yourself so dramatically?