Erin Molan soaked by sprinklers just before live cross.

Wet, wet, wet

OK, so it’s not downtown Baghdad, but there are still many difficulties a roving sports reporter can encounter as she conducts her daily duties.

Erin Molan had to do a live cross from the Gabba on the Today show this morning soaking wet.

A sprinkler set on a timer was covered with a newspaper to prevent the water hitting anyone, but Molan, being an “investigative journalist”, grabbed it to have a quick read of the news.

Watch the clip here… Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 9

Molan tried to keep it professional but had to take a glance down at the damage to her white dress.

“Just making sure I don’t have black undies on!” she told Sylvia Jeffreys and Karl Stefanovic.

“Why did you think a newspaper would be a good defense from a sprinkler?” Jeffreys enquired, a fair question.

“It was Wayne’s idea! The crew look worse than I do, I promise you.”

Stay gold, Erin!

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