Erin Molan paid less than Footy Show co-hosts, and left to fly economy while they fly business.

It seems Channel 9 just hadn’t gotten the message that women and men should receive equal pay for equal work, with reports sports broadcaster Erin Molan is being paid considerably less than her male counterparts.

The Daily Telegraph has reported the NRL Footy Show co-host has been taking home a wage of about $100,000 for past four years, while fellow panellist Beau Ryan’s wage has reached $800,000.

Molan renegotiated a new contract last week and, while its unknown what that new figure is, it’s still reportedly well below Ryan’s salary.

But the pay discrepancy is not the only sign of a gender inequality at the TV channel.

The 33-year-old experienced journalist and fellow sports reporter Yvonne Sampson fly economy class to footy games, while their male counterparts such as Darren Lockyer, ­Andrew Johns and Ray Warren fly business, according to the Daily Telegraph.


Molan declined to comment about the pay disparity with the men, but a Channel 9 spokeswoman said to the newspaper “people are paid whatever the market determines they’re worth”.

It was only a few months ago that it was revealed Karl Stefanovic makes 2.5 times as much as Lisa Wilkinson for hosting the Today Show – pointing to a wider problem within the organisation.

It’s also not the only footy show on the station where gender inequality issues have been raised, with panelist Sam Newman accused of harassing Rebecca Maddern with his sexist behaviour constantly.

A Nine spokeswoman denied the travel situation was due to gender, saying that “male talent also fly economy”.

“Whether they fly business or economy is dependent on their contract, not their gender,” she said.

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