Erin Molan doesn't want you to know how she broke her hand, and we don't blame her.

It’s no secret that Married at First Sight 2019 was wildly addictive.

The drama was the sort that the entire nation couldn’t look away from.

But a reality TV addiction isn’t always… healthy, and Erin Molan just learned that the hard way.

Posting to her Instagram, the television presenter revealed that she broke her hand after slipping on a slinky running down the stairs to watch MAFS.

“The saddest, most uncool way to break your hand… as revealed by @dannyweidler,” she wrote, accompanying an image of a news article covering the real cause of her injury.

“I only had 10 seconds left in the commercial break and didn’t want to pause and miss following the live tweeting… major part of the entertainment obviously. At least I’m safe until next season starts…,” she wrote.


She accompanied the caption with the hashtags #MAFS #danger and #slinkyslide.


The revelation comes just a day after the television presenter posted a photo of herself with a cast on Instagram to explain her absence from the media.

“For those asking… no Friday Night Footy for me this week… or News or 2GB/4BC or Jonesy&Amanda or Sunday Footy Show… the issue not so much the fracture itself… but the fairly INTENSE pain killers that make bosses of live tv/live radio very nervous indeed,” she wrote, leaving out the fact that the injury was MAFS related.

So the next time someone tells you reality television is harmless, show them these photos of Erin Molan.

Oh, and stay away from slinkys.